Friday, October 22, 2010

Bonifacio Global City - Not Only For Running But Art Works As Well

Fort Bonifacio is now my regular place for my daily early morning workouts and as time passes by I discover and learn more of the place.  Today I discovered the different public art pieces that Bonifacio Global City (BGC) has got to offer to the general public.

BGC has opened up a photo competition for the month of October in which the 2010 Theme : “Photography. That’s the passion in me … The BGC in Me”. As photography is one of my many hobbies in life,  I woke up earlier than usual today and was already at Fort Bonifacio at 4:10am. I was dressed up in my usual morning work-out gears but I was not there to run, but to  capture in photo the different art pieces. With my Canon 7D I was walk to the different locations which is quite a distance as well to cover by foot.

I wish to share the following beautiful Art Works within Bonifacio Global City.


Ang Supremo

The Trees




Kasaysayan Bawa't Oras

Bearable Lightness



Tinsteaj #85

Specific Gravity

With the above Art Works it was a great feeling to exercise the spirit. At times we need not only have a physical exercise, but, an inner mental and spiritual exercise for a holistic life.

Back to running on Sunday for the Adidas KOTR.


  1. Hi Mr Castro! We in BGC are very much delighted to read about your blog, especially as you capture wonderful photos of our artworks and likewise share our passion for running. We hope to see you in our RUN BGC this Nov. 28, 2010! (Registration on-going at RUNNR, Bonifacio High Street B3). Sincerely, Joy

  2. Dear Joy - Thank you for dropping by. It is nice to note that you like the photos. I will definitely not miss the RUN BGC! I have made BGC as my home turf for my daily workout and what better way to affirm this by supporting BGC on its own sponsored run. By the way BGC has been very supportive of running and whatever popularity running is experiencing now, BGC is definitely a contributing factor to this.Also you have coach Rio organizing your event so no doubt it is something to forward to.