Sunday, May 3, 2015

64 Years Old and Getting Older Each Day

May 3, 1951 - I am now an Old Man at 64 Years Old

Yes my friends I have officially turned 64 years old. Before everything else allow me to thank the Lord Almighty for all the blessing, the trial, the joy, the sorrow, the successes and failures of the 64 years in this world. To my wife, HERMIE whom I have lived shared a single bed for the last 42 years thank you for the love and understanding and standing by me on all the weather conditions we have sailed together. Our gift of joy and blessings for our children DAX (rip) DAWN and DENNIS, my children-in-laws ALEX, TINTIN and PAMELA, my grandchildren KIRSTEN, MAXINE, GABY and BENEDICT, my 86 year old mother LEA, My brothers/sisters and their spouses, My in-laws and relatives on the DE CASTRO CLAN, my office managers and staff, my support group in Couples for Christ, my friends in Golf, Running and Biking and those that have touched my life in one way or another, I would have not reached 64 years without your support and I praise God for just being part of my life.

Thank you to all who have greeted by phone, text, email, facebook and in person.

Allow six (6) of myself to THANK YOU for the 64 years.

All 6 of us say "Thank You"

My Birthday Song

As has been customary all over the world a birthday is always celebrated by a birthday song. However, for this year I have chosen a special song which I wish to share to all and should you have the time and patience it would be great to listen carefully to the lyrics;

When I Am Sixty Four - performed by Barbershop Quartet (A Cappella)

How it feels to be 64 years old

Getting old is a reality in life and no amount of exercise, medication or surgery will REVERSE ageing process of nature. Age reduces our physical capabilities, but, it is of utmost importance to keep ourselves moving about and engaging in whatever exercise we might find joy and relaxation as only through continuous exercise will we REDUCE THE MAGNITUDE OF THE DECLINE IN STRENGTH DUE TO AGEING. I have learn to come into terms with the reality in life that in everyday that I grown older my strength and capabilities is diminishing. I am not as strong as I was yesterday compared to today, but, I have promised myself to continue my enjoyment in Running, Race Walking, Biking and Golf as it has made my life today at 64 better, bearable, enduring and mobile.

Different Sports I find Joy and Happiness

 "Black Beauty"
"Black Beauty" and myself at Tagaytay Highlands


  1. Capt Castro,
    You are not 64 years old but 64 years young!
    I wished i can be as active as you. Will take up your advice of Walk and Run for a healthier living.
    Have a great birthday!

  2. Thank you very much Mr. Lim, you really are a friend

  3. Thank you very much to all. A simple greeting from different people is more than what my heart could ask for. Today I had a very humbling and learning experience, With Hermie and Dennis we heard mass at Central Hongkong at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel. It was no bigger than 350m3 but filled with as many people or occupied 1m3 per person or more. 95 percent were Filipina Domestic helpers. I am humbled by their vibrant celebration and participation of the mass and witnessed in their eyes the solemn prayers for their love ones. So much I could thank the Lord for his blessing but so much as well I still have to learn on the simplicity and joy of our OFW workers. May their prayers be answered. Again, thank you for all who have in one way or another touched my life. Now let me sing “when I am 64”!

  4. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.


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  6. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.