Sunday, February 5, 2012

Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 - Running is more fun in the Philippines

For  only a short span of five years Condura Marathon has gained popularity and respect as one of the premier race events in the Philippines. This year Condura Marathon has for the third sucessive years made use of the Skyway and has added the word SKYWAY in its official race event as “Condura Skyway Marathon 2012” with this years’ theme “Run For The Mangroves”. This years’ race categories 42/21/16/10/5/3 all made use of the Skyway an achievement in itself.

When the venue for the event was made known to be shifted to Ayala Alabang I had my apprehension because of the distance from Metro Manila but after witnessing the way the race was organized and handled the event, the manner in which the organizers has made use of the natural layout of skyway entrance tunnel as chute for wave starting formation it was a genius conceptualization of an ideal race event.

Another first for this year was the starting time for the different race events which has the full marathon flagged down at mid-night, 21k at 3:30am, 16k at 4:00am, 10k at 5:30am, 5k at 6:30 and 3k at 7:10am was a great idea to have full control of the road and race at all times. This may have entailed more time, money and manpower, but, the organizers are willing to spend to deliver an ideal race.

I wish to congratulate the Concepcion brothers, Tonton and Patrick for been the driving force behind the race advocacy of Condura. I have witnessed the development of Condura Marathon in the last five years and have only admiration of their commitment to deliver a race for runners by runners being themselves.

I have only one wish for Condura Marathon for 2013, that is hoping that the Department of Tourism (DOT) will adapt this event as an official tourism event for the month of February 2013. Condura Marathon 2013 could showcase that race events in the Philippines are not only handled at par with those of the world but even better. They could make use of the slogan “ RUNNING – is more fun in the Philippines”.

Nature even was with the race event today as the temperature was really cool at 22 degrees centigrade making it another contibutory factor for an ideal race event.

Congratulations to the Condura Team!
“RUNNING – is more fun in the Philippines”