Monday, July 26, 2010 RUNFEST - Celebration Of Running And Others

When scheduled their 2nd anniversary run “RUNFEST – Celebrate Running” months ago, I made sure that my schedule would allow me to be able to attend the event. has been close to my heart and I consider myself part of the community.

However, just a few days before the event I was confronted with the issue if I will be participating on 10k running event or be on the service team (as I have been requested by Jinoe to provide a Drum and Lyre Band) for the RUNFEST.

Wanting to accomplish both, I decided to do my actual running a day before the RUNFEST, which was last Saturday 24Jul2010. I memorized the published 10k route and did my simulated run which I was able to record in my Garmin 405 which I completed in 01h23m04sec for a distance of 10.62km (the over distance logged was due to retreated starting/finish line, u-turn difference both sides of 38th street and my crisscrossing of lanes. The following was my goggle map for the run;

On the day of the RUNFEST itself I still came in my running attire hoping that I will be able to assemble the Rum and Lyre Band prior the race and join the 10k run. I arrive the venue at 5:00am giving myself enough time to go around and socialize before the set time of 5:30am to assemble the band. However, at 5:45 I was in contact with the band manager on to find out that they have been caught by the MMDA for a “Out of Line” violation of their jeepney transport. At 5:55 the band finally arrived and it took us only 3 minutes to unload their gears and start playing the music at 5:59am just a minute prior to the starting gun. Wow, it was a photo finish! It was a great scare for me, but I only hope that the band was able to provide the additional encouragement and festive mood to the runners and the RUNFEST itself.

With nothing much to do, I then shifted mode as a cheerer to encourage runners as they pass 28th Street and 12th Avenue. I could just imagine the feeling of each runner, IT IS SO NEAR BUT SO FAR, to instead of directly turning right and head to the finish line, to proceed straight further to 12th Avenue and do a U-turn and traversing back before turning right at 28th street for the finish line. This has a great psychological effect. Anyways, I think in our small ways with some support group assigned in the place, much encouragement was provided to the runners. The feeling experienced by us is priceless.

To Jinoe and the group who were part of the organizing committee for the RUNFEST, thank you guys for your great effort and tireless deeds. There might be some issues on the delivery and unclaimed race packets, but, what can be done has been done and now only hope that next time a solution will be made. Thank you again to all efforts.

I wish to share herewith photos taken during the RUNFEST. Please feel free to grab what you like. (just click on the picture for enlarged view)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

RunRio Membership Card

When I received my race packet via courier for the REXONA RUN 2010, together with race bib and D-tag was a RUNRIO MEMBERSHIP CARD.

What is this membership card for? What is its purpose? What would a member benefit for holding such a card?

To answer all these questions, I would like to paste herewith explanations as posted on the website of RUNRIO

As of now, the main purpose of these membership cards is to increase the efficiency of our data-gathering process. The next time you wish to join a RunRio event, you no longer need to go through the tedious process of falling in line and entering your data on our iPads. All you need to do is show us your card and we will be able to obtain your registration information using your ID number. We will keep you posted as soon as special deals and discounts will be available for card-holders.

I wish to congratulate Coach Rio for another innovation in the local running scene. This will greatly streamline his registration procedure and data gathering. I hope he could find as well possible special deals and discounts as he has envisioned for the same.

More power to you Coach Rio.

Monday, July 12, 2010

MILO To Investigate And Address Issues On Cheating

The week following the completion of the 34th Milo Marathon Manila Elimination, there were numerous blog postings that mainly dealt with CHEATING. The posting particularly at was complete with photographs. There were even very comprehensive analysis and observations from different bloggers. To top matters, POSTED COMMENTS on the different blog postings were equally informative and enlightening.

I have no personal knowledge nor observation of these CHEATERS, but, am very much concern on the matter as SPORTS is synonymous to HONESTY and FAIR PLAY. Milo is also an institution in local running, so much so that it was only proper to bring the matter direct to the attention of the Milo Executive Team.

On 10July2010, I sent the following email message to Mr. Pat Goc-ong, Mr. Andrew Neri and Mr. Lester Castillo. 

Dear Pat, Andrew and Lester,

Allow me first to congratulate the whole Milo Team for the successful event held last Sunday, 4July10. It was something for the books. For your (MILO) social commitment and dedication, thank you for giving joy to the Filipino runners throughout these years.

I am writing you this email for the reasons that Milo Marathon is close to my heart. A week after the race in Manila there had been many blogs posted in the net about CHEATING during the race. Allow me to provide to you the following links;

Not only were the different blog posted very enlightening, but, equally informative are the different comments posted by the readers of the blogs. Milo has and is investing not only its financial resources but its talents, corporate culture and dedication to attain the premier position in the field of sports. Unfortunately, a small number of people has tarnished your great event with CHEATING. 

For the above reason, and knowing that SPORTS is synonymous to HONESTY of which what you would like to inculcate to the Filipino people, I hope that your executive team would make a formal investigation of the observations/allegations and provide an official action, sanctions and corrective measures. It is in my opinion that Milo should address the issue head on and provide a press release on the matter so that the general public will be assured that not only is MILO making use of sports to built people, but, honesty and integrity is the very foundation in sports as in life itself. Further, MILO will not tolerate any form of cheating to ensure credibility and integrity in its events.

The Manila elimination is but only the first of the series that you have in the table. Your immediate and direct action now will greatly help the coming regional elimination in cleansing the races of would be cheaters.

Again, my congratulations to Milo for its continued support to the Filipino runners. 


On 11July2010, the following reply was received from Mr. Andrew Neri

Thank you Mr. Amado. We will be releasing our official statement after thorough investigation next week. This will be dealt with utmost attention as suggested.  

andrew neri 
MILO Sports Events

I have full trust and confidence that MILO will act on the matter fairly, swiftly and with justice to all runners.

Let us await there formal reply on the matter.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 34th Milo Marathon Manila Elims - From A 21km Perspective

In the past three years, a number of race events have earned the respect and patronage of the local running community so much so that their “brand name” in the running event that they do sponsor is now part of only a handful of race events that gives glamour and prestige in the sport of road running. Of these glamorous and prestigious races, there is no denying that on top of the list is none other than the “MILO MARATHON”. With the 34 years it has held the event it has become an institution by itself.

Today the 34th edition for the MANILA ELIMS of the MILO MARATHON was held. I would say that it has again surpassed the standard and goal it has set for the event. And was only the first of a series of elimination races all over the country that will eventually culminate on December 12, 2010 for the FINALS that will also be held in MANILA.

I do not have the exact figure of the overall participation for each individual category, 42k, 21k, 10k, 5k and 3k. However, I would be brave enough to say that today’s race should have established the biggest number for the year.

When I arrived the Luneta area at about 4:15am (I was entered for the 21k) the 42k runners have been gunned off to their start of their event. Parking was only all the way to Taft avenue. I was lucky enough to find above curb on a pedestrian walkway at Padre Burgos Street and Maria Orosa Street. It was on a stop light at that. But, the policeman in the area signaled to me that it was ok to park on the said place. It was about a more than half a kilometer walk to the starting line at kilometer zero. It was great to see all types of transport carrying in them runners and these runners are mostly family members, friends, or just plain running enthusiast. Unlike on other races that you will have busloads of “hakots” or government employees committed or entered by their offices for the race. However, for this event, participants came on their own to fulfill their personal needs either for performance, health, fitness, or just plain for fun.

Participants for 21k were allowed to enter the starting area at 5:00am. The organizers took the opportunity to provide the background information of the Milo Marathon and its history throughout the years. The race route was shown at the video wall and a warm-up was conducted. At about 5:27am or 3 minutes ahead of schedule the gun start was sounded.

For the first 5km it was basically the same route used for the Roxas Boulevard races. At 7km there route turned right at Airport Road leading to Diosdado Macapagal Highway. From hereon it was hot and you could see participants both for the 21k and 42k who have to take three loops bathing in their own sweats. From the starting line all the way to the Junction of Diosdado Macapagal the Marshall, traffic aides and policemen were in clear control of the vehicles. However, a typical only in the Philippine situation, buses at EDSA extension and Diosdado Macapagal Highway were sounding their horns loudly and insisting on crossing the junction even if there were runners. This is the only negative part of the race and I would rather blame the situation to undisciplined drivers.

Distance markers were very accurate, water and sport drink stations were more than ample and supply sufficient, there was even a banana station at Macapagal Highway. Maybe some runners for the 42k are not pleased to run on loops due to the monotony, but, I think it was basically designed so for the safety of the runners and control of the traffic by the organizers which in the past has been a nightmare when conducted to a wide area. Further, the loop has a better control for cheaters. Anyways, it is all about distance, if it is correctly done on 42.2km then it should be good. The factor that could have affected all runners today is the HEAT. I think if the race were done in USA there would be quite a number who would have suffered from heat stroke.

I crossed the finish line for 21k at 2h55m32s it was 7 minutes slower than my last 21k at the San Diego Marathon. From the finish line to where my car was parked it took me three stopovers to take a rest and it was a good 20 minutes. God was I really wasted. But, happy and content for having participated in the event. To the Milo executives (who normally do want to be named and prefer credits be for the whole team and corporation) Thank you for the effort and dedication you have made to keep the runners happy. Now let me get my hot OVALTINE …Joke only MILO DRINK is what I mean.