Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bonifacio Global City 10k Route In The Rain - Photo Log

For the past three days Metro Manila has been experiencing heavy rains brought about by tropical storm “Egay” and “Falcon”. However, the rain has not stopped me from doing my daily 10k exercise run at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Running in the rain is always a trill and enjoyment for me.

Today Jun 25th 2011 as I woke up I could see in my window that heavy rain was still the order of the day. Being a Saturday my usual golf day is totally washed out. I decided instead to document by photo my usual 10k route at the Bonifacio Global City.

The following are series of photos of my 10k route;

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Merrell Adventure Run 2011 - A No Show 24 Hours Late

It was in June 13, 2009 that I had my very first mountain trail run “The 3rd All Terra King Of The Mountain 10k Trail Run” done at the Timberland Heights San Mateo Rizal.

The experience and joy experienced then triggered my joining various trail runs since then. I was therefore trilled and did not waste time to register myself when they announced the “Merrell Adventure Run 2011” scheduled for June 18, 2011 also at the Timberland Heights, San Mateo Rizal. I was excited to relive my experience then.

The day before the race I had all my gears prepared and ready, I even asked the family if we could instead observe the Sunday anticipated mass to give me more flexible time for the race event. Being supportive of my running, the family was more than happy to oblige to my request. We joined the 5pm anticipated mass at the SM Mega Mall Eucharistic Chapel. After the mass I treated the family for a dinner at the “Mesa Restaurant”. While we were waiting for our orders to be served, I used my iPhone to browse my facebook and what I surprise I got. I saw pictures posted by “running atom” of the “Merrell Adventure Run” and I just could not believe that they held it a day earlier. I asked the family what date it was and to my shock they said it was June 18th and not June 17th as I believe it was!

I could not finish my dinner and soonest we arrive home I checked my race kit and indeed the race was on a Saturday and not on a Sunday. Luckily I opened my facebook otherwise I would have been at Timberland Heights in solitude.

Today being Father’s Day, I was the laughing subject by the whole family the whole day. I promise myself to be careful on dates next time. I have gotten so used to Sunday races that I have only but myself to blame.

My Merrell Adventure Run was  a "No Show" and 24 hours late!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mizuno Infinity Run 2011 - Beat My Time ? Good Race !

Saturdays are primarily my golfing days that my golfing buddies circulate a text message on a Friday to remind us of tee time. Yesterday I received such message, however, I have to reluctantly inform the group that I cannot attend in as much that I have a scheduled road race. As ever, I do not think they do understand the craze in running as that of hitting a small ball and running after it.

Today was the Mizuno Infinity Run 2011 at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Surprisingly the organizers have scheduled the race this year on a Saturday instead of the usual Sunday. I do not know their reason, maybe it was just making sure the run does not mix up the schedule for the Independence Day of the Philippines which falls on June 12th Sunday.

Mizuno Infinity Run 2011 was build up as a race to face the biggest competition of a runner: THEMSELVES. Mizuno Infinity Run started the “Beat Your Own Time” challenge, and this year it is back with categories under 21k 10k and 5k events. It is primarily “Beat Your Own Pace” challenge.

When I arrived the race starting grounds, 21k runners were already checked-in at the starting line. As expected there were quite a substantial number of participants as Mizuno has a good record of races in the past. I was surprised to see Rudy Biscocho a seasoned race organizer who has been organizing races long way back before the advent of the likes of coach Rio Dela Cruz and the others. Seeing the guy assured me that the race should be well handled due to the experience of Rudy Biscocho. At exactly 5am the 21k runners were gunned off. I was entered for the 10k event so I had the opportunity to watch the start of the 21k.

At 5:17am (my watch time) 10k runners were gunned off heading to the very familiar route from BGC passing via Kalayaan flyover all the way to Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia) until just after Nicanor Garcia Street in front of MAPUA and back tracking on the same route all the way to BGC to finish the 10K route.

Nothing significant was noted all the way to Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue as the organizers have taken all the necessary steps to ensure safety of the runners. Just before reaching Makati Avenue I saw coach Rio Dela Cruz on his way back (I do not know if he was entered on the 21k or 10k). On this familiar route it always amazes me the junction of Makati Avenue and Buendia as no matter what you will always experience blaring horns from inpatient drivers insisting to cross the junction.

01h12m14s (unofficial) I crossed the finish line on a pace of 7:12/km and an average speed of 8.3km/hr. I didn’t have my previous Mizuno Infinity Time as I participated on the sideline in 2010 (Mizuno Infinity Run 2010), however, what I am sure is that I was fully satisfied and happy for my run and so with the event in itself.

What better way to refresh oneself after crossing the finish line by having a public shower! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

AKTV RUN = Launching A Sports Block Timer

When running begun its resurgence sometime in 2007, it was ABS-CBN (channel 2) who first made use of the running events to jump start its social/corporate advocacy in getting funds and public awareness in the likes of environment, Pasig river, education and the likes. Then GMA (channel 7) joined the bandwagon in sponsoring running events for its social projects as well.

Now not to be out done ABC (channel 5) in partnership with IBC (channel 13) has launched its AKTV a “block timer” which will cater to Filipino sports enthusiast, health buffs and those who live an active lifestyle. I hope AKTV will be a success in the future to be able to address the Filipino hunger is sports coverage.

It is to drum beat the launching of AKTV that the AKTV RUN was held today at the Mall Of Asia (MOA) covering 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k run categories. For the race event the sponsors tapped the services of RunRio who did an excellent job (as always) in conducting the race procedures. A minor problem of the event that I do take note was the late delivery of race packets which I do not know to what or to whom it could be attributed to. Claiming of race packets was still being done minutes before the start of the races. Anyways, other than this problem the event was a bid success with 6000+ runners participated for the different categories (data announced by the emcee prior to gun start). There were even numerous sports activities held after the actual races to highlight different sports to the trill of the public.

Again, it was a great Sunday morning. The weather was cooperative although as expected during this time of the year it was hot and humid all throughout the race. My 10k unofficial time was 01h18m02s.

To AKTV we look forward to quality sports broadcasting and wishing you all the best.