Sunday, June 19, 2011

Merrell Adventure Run 2011 - A No Show 24 Hours Late

It was in June 13, 2009 that I had my very first mountain trail run “The 3rd All Terra King Of The Mountain 10k Trail Run” done at the Timberland Heights San Mateo Rizal.

The experience and joy experienced then triggered my joining various trail runs since then. I was therefore trilled and did not waste time to register myself when they announced the “Merrell Adventure Run 2011” scheduled for June 18, 2011 also at the Timberland Heights, San Mateo Rizal. I was excited to relive my experience then.

The day before the race I had all my gears prepared and ready, I even asked the family if we could instead observe the Sunday anticipated mass to give me more flexible time for the race event. Being supportive of my running, the family was more than happy to oblige to my request. We joined the 5pm anticipated mass at the SM Mega Mall Eucharistic Chapel. After the mass I treated the family for a dinner at the “Mesa Restaurant”. While we were waiting for our orders to be served, I used my iPhone to browse my facebook and what I surprise I got. I saw pictures posted by “running atom” of the “Merrell Adventure Run” and I just could not believe that they held it a day earlier. I asked the family what date it was and to my shock they said it was June 18th and not June 17th as I believe it was!

I could not finish my dinner and soonest we arrive home I checked my race kit and indeed the race was on a Saturday and not on a Sunday. Luckily I opened my facebook otherwise I would have been at Timberland Heights in solitude.

Today being Father’s Day, I was the laughing subject by the whole family the whole day. I promise myself to be careful on dates next time. I have gotten so used to Sunday races that I have only but myself to blame.

My Merrell Adventure Run was  a "No Show" and 24 hours late!


  1. I guess that's the first Sir Amado? the rate it's going now, Saturday is becoming more and more famous.

    I almost missed a race too. Luckily, I regularly check the forums, and would always ask friends for info on race week.

    You must have had a very "happy" Father's Day!


  2. Wow, that's good. Are there more photos ? Congratulations for a great job well done. Thanks for sharing this to us.