Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Preparation - My First Trail Run

Upon returning in Manila and having gotten into my normal daily routine it was eminent to come up with short term goals/plans for the remainder of the year to put reason and purpose for my daily training which is essential to sustain the enthusiasm in running/race walking.

Two forthcoming races has drawn my attention “The All Terra King Of The Mountain 10K Trail Run” scheduled for 13Jun09 at Timberland Heights San Mateo Rizal and “The Men’s Health All-Terrain Race 15K Trail Run” scheduled for 21Jun09 at Sta Elena, Sta Rosa Laguna. Organizers of both events have billed their respective trail Run as “best for beginners”.

I have never experienced “trail running” before and to put spice into my daily training routine I told myself “why not?”. There is always a first time and the only way to find out if “trail running” will be to my liking is to experience, immerse myself in the mud and try the hill climbs. Having mustered the will and decision to try the sport, I met with Coach Saturnino Salazar and my race walker friends Christian Dalida and Milbert Nabuab and invited them to join me on my initial trail run, all of whom were very supportive of this endeavour and will join me on my very first trail run. Last Sunday, 7Jun09, I went to ROX to register for “The All Terra King Of The Mountain 10K Trail Run”. Officially it is now a “go”.

In running the “shoes” as I have continuously blogged could be your “best friend” or your “worst enemy”. Running shoes for trail running is very different from road running or race walking shoes. As such, the first order of the day was to get myself a “trail running shoes”. I was at first contemplating on using my old running shoes, but, after reading a substantial number of reference articles in the web with respect to trail running, I finally decided to invest on a pair of trail running shoes, otherwise, I might just injure myself and or lose interest even before getting into the real action. However, I told myself to limit my required gears in trail running to the shoes and for all others gears to just make do of what I can find in my closet. At least should the sport be not to my liking, it is only the cost of the shoes that could have gotten into waste.

For those who are also interested to try “trail running” I would recommend that you visit the following link which shall be able to provide you with essential beginners information on the subject of trail running.


As for what is stored ahead to be experienced at “The King Of The Mountain 10K Trail Run” please check on the photos and notes provided by Second Wind Running Store;


Meantime, I shall keep you posted on how I did on my very first trail run. By the way, should there be any readers out there who are experienced in trail running, I am open to your wise inputs and suggestions.


  1. Good luck Sir Amado! Please do keep us posted! Thanks for the links, I will go through them. As it is , I am not much of a trail runner but am excited to try it out as well. God bless and good luck!


  2. Hmm, doing both? We used the Timberlands trail on Maarat mountain (more accurately a hill) late last year to train for the TNF Batulao in January. If it were dry I would advise you to use your road shoes -- it's not technical as the Second Wind guy said, if the same route as previous Men's Health races is used. However the rains must have turned some of the trails soft and/or slippery. There are some fairly wide old logging roads as well as single-tracks on undulating terrain that is carpeted mostly by scrub.

    By the way the climb to the clubhouse area is a cardiac one if KOM is using that as well. You may want to drive up there for a recon. I have not seen the Santa Elena trail though.

  3. Dear Luis - Will definitely keep you posted and just maybe if and when you wish to try we could probably join together.

    Dear Cecil - Thank you very much for you words of wisdom. You described the KOM exactly how it is. As for the Sta Elena according to the organizers it is a new trail that they are using and have not been used before. I am feeling all excited and afraid at the same time on this first trail run. Just like a virgin on her wedding night!

  4. is that a pair of TNF Rocky Chucky Trail Shoes? Nice choice! That model was my 1st trail shoes and they are good for any kind of trail. anyway, just like what i advised to 1st timers in trail running, you have to recon the route, recon the route & recon the route just to be sure so that you can formulate your race strategy to include your hydration & food (gel) intake during the race. your primary goal is to be able to finish the race---walk on the uphill & fly on the downhill! mang amado, matanda na tayo..don't be intimidated by the "rabbits", in the end, you will overtake them along the way. good luck!

  5. Dear BR - (for mentioning our age)aray ko po! The reason why I have requested Coach Salazar and the other walkers to join me was should I not make it at least I have somebody to bring my body back. (joke only). Nice words of wisdom BR - will walk (crawl) on the uphill and fly (glide) on the downhill. How I wish you were here to guide me personally. You have the same advise as Cecil to recon the place, I know its of utmost importance but I have no time to visit the place so its my biggest drawback. See you soon.