Sunday, June 28, 2009

Takbo.Ph - Service With A Heart

One of the most dynamic group that I have encountered in the local running community is ”TAKBO.PH” so much so that when “BOTAK Paa-tibayan takbo 100k” announced their offer for an AID station to be hosted by a running groups or organization, it was an opportunity for my organization REINIER PACIFIC to partner with to give service to the sport we all adhere and love so much.

From a simple idea which I and Jinoe Gavan have agreed upon, the group collectively poured in their different ideas as to WHO, WHEN and HOW such an Aid Station will be manned and operated during the Botak 100K run. One aspect that has touched my heart in how a simple blog item and later on carried forward at the group’s “forum section” has logged 62 replies and 1152 views. The spirit and heart of volunteerism of the group is but outstanding. Allow me to provide to you here a link on the forum on how things started, how interesting and lively the replies were coming in and eventually how the concept was decided to became a reality;

The AID station for Reinier Pacific / was designated at the approximately the 80th km area of the route which is located at Marikina River Banks. The 1st batch (Tim and Doc Eric and company)were already at the area even before 5:45am making sure that all logistical requirements have been set up prior to the arrival of the first runner. By 6:45 the tent provided by Botak has been installed and more and more volunteers have arrived and ready to serve the participants.

In was only on or about 8:00am that the very first runner JESSE ANOP (who eventually won the race) passed by the tent and the group was so eager to give encouragement and logistical help. It was not after a lengthy period of time that the next runner passed by and was followed by another trickle of runners. We all looked with envy and respect to each participants that passed by for by this time they have already covered almost two (2) marathon distance in one running more than any of us can say for ourselves. These guys are of different “breed”.

One thing we all have learned during the process that actual running was much easier that being on a service team for the worst thing you have to deal with is WAITING. However, as the very essence and meaning of the word SERVICE, giving back something to the sport you love is a very gratifying feeling. It is so easy to critique after a race how the handling of the booths and/or water stations was not proper or so on and so forth, but, being on the other side of the fence makes you understand the importance of even how small and unremarkable a task may be.

It was also only today that I saw how beautiful it was to do you running at the Marikina Riverbanks. It has a clean and inviting scene free from any traffic which according to the locals you can easily log a 10k run. I promised myself to try the route one of these days. Check it out for yourself.

At 11:30am with still plenty of time before the last runner was to pass by the Reinier Pacific / AID Station, I have to beg-off with the group that I have to leave for I have other commitments to fulfil for the day. At 4:45pm I got a text message from Jinoe that the last runner has passed the AID station and that is signing-off for the day. What can I say, that is efficiency, commitment, love and dedication of the group.

I wish to thank Jinoe Gavan and the whole service team of who have in their own way been part of this collaboration before, during and after the event. It was a great pleasure on my part to be part this endeavour which is our own simple way of giving back something to the sport of running. = Service with a Heart!


  1. It was our pleasure to have helped each and every runner who passed by the Aid Station with everything and anything we can offer - banana, eggs, water, gatorade, ice towel, ice shower, massage, heartfelt cheers and encouragement...just being there, I'm sure boost their aching bodies just a little. Congratulations to all runners and thank you Sir Amado for being there with us.

  2. congrats for a successful volunteer work to our runners. how i wish your initiative will set the example for the other corporate offices to do the same. if there is a "nobel prize" for running in the country, i am sure you'll get it. as they say, "the more you give, the more you receive". more blessings.

  3. Dear Marga - It was a great experience for all of us as they say SERVICE completes our love for the sport. Who knows maybe one of these days will even touch on things beyond the sport and as the group matures further it will make itself counted even on social/humanitarian community work!

    Dear BR - I am just following your footsteps. You great vision and plans in the sport which I pray will succeed.

  4. Sir Amado, thank you so much for all the support that you have poured into this project. It is truly an admirable initiative and I agree with Sir Jovie that if there were such an award, you should get it :) Even if only finished the 50k ultra, I can just imagine the tremendous boost the aid station would have given the 100k runners at that point. God bless Sir, and thanks for continuing to inspire us to give back to the sport we all love :)


  5. Congratulations to you sir Amado and to the volunteers. We visited the aid station in the morning and met jinoe and the other volunteers. Too bad there was no ultrarunner on sight at that time. Anyway, Tank you for supporting the running community. God bless you sir and may our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you, your family and your company.

  6. Dear Luis - It was a collective effort which can be attributed to the group.

    Dear Bro - Praise and Thank you Lord for blessing the project and the appreciation.

  7. sir amado,

    thank you. :)

    see you again next races :)

    to give and not to count the cost (literally) ;)

  8. Sir, thanks for partnering with on this event. In doing so, you gave us members opportunity to be part of something great. May your company all serve as model to other companies who may be inclined to help the sport we all love.

  9. Dear Tim and Rico - Thank you as well! It's actual resultant worth is beyond measures.

  10. sir amado, i am one of the runners who are very thankful for your support! sobrang laking tulong po sa amin. maraming salamat po!

  11. sir amado, katulad ni ronald isa ako sa swerteng mananakbo na natulungan nyo. isang naguumapaw na pasasalamat sa inyo at sa family..

  12. Dear Ronald and Vinceth - Maraming salamat din sa inyo dahil tulad ninyo bilang mananakbo nararamdaman namin ang pangangailangan. Saludo kami sa inyo dahil kaya nyo ang 100k. You are a different 'breed'. Congratulations!

  13. Sir Amado and to the team,

    Thank you for providing the participants of the BOTAK100 with such a well-equipped aid station. I think your station redefined what an AID station is... I think it should be called the "ultrarunner's paradise" hehe...

    I read somewhere that there was even a foot massage being offered, aside from all the other items that were offered to the runners.

    amazing. I'm sure that your aid station was the participants choice! :)

  14. I could say that we have enjoyed our day here!
    It's really fun being with friends in the aid station!
    Thank you Sir!