Monday, June 18, 2012

Run United 2 - Spared by the Rain

For the last two years (now on its third year) Run United sponsored by United Laboratories has built a reputation of its own as one that is well organized and generous in its give-aways to the runners. The event runs trice in a year and has been dubbed as the RunRio Trilogy. Today 17Jun2012 is the 2nd part of the trilogy for the year 2012. As expected the running community were there to support the event even with the rain threat from the tropical storm "Butchoy".

An hour before midnight I was still at Mall of Asia (MOA) having just attended the formal opening of the MOA Arena with a musical concert of various big named local artists of different ganre called ICONS AT THE ARENA. It was a great musical concert to formally open THE ARENA which also highlighted a tribute to HENRY SY the founder and grandpatriate of SM MALLS and its buiseness empire. Great as it was, but that is another story. Five hours after I was back at MOA this time for the RUN UNITED 2.

Leaving my house it was raining hard and with the lack of sleep, I was not really in great shape for the run. Minutes after my arrival at MOA for whatever reason the rain stopped. Belive you me, the rain never came back allowing the 10k/5/3f/500m events be completed free from rain. The 21k event started at Bonifacio Global City and I just assume that haft the route the runner on this event experienced rainshowers.

Just before the gun start I decided to do the 10k event on RACE WALK to sustain whatever energy I have due to lack of sleep. 01hr 25m 09s after the gunstart I crossed the finish line.

There is no need to critique the race as it has excelled in past and nothing else can be expect from Coach Rio which was the case this time around. While the event ranks as one of those that is highly participated, the threat of the rains could have prevented other runners and be a NO SHOW.

Congratulation to United Laboratories and what can I say prayers were heared in heaven sparing the Run United 2 from being washout by rain of tropical storm "Butchoy".

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brooks Run Happy 2 - Summer Has Ended

For the last two months running has become an ordeal in view of the summer weather condition. Temperature has been on the limit of bearable with humidity on the 90’s and above so much so that after a run one can expect to be soaked on his own perspiration.

This condition has now changed with the onset of the raining season just a couple of days back. The first road race this raining season is the Brooks Run Happy 2. For whatever reason the organizers of the event have deviated to the usual distances and have instead catered to 21k, 12k and 6k events. 12k and 6k seems to be odd choice of distance.

I wanted just to enter the 6k event but when I tried to register myself at Riovanna last May 22nd the only available distance then was the 12k leaving me with no other option.

I arrived at the venue today June 3rd early at around 4:45am with ample time for the gun start of the 12k scheduled at 5:30am. However, I just barely made myself checked in at the holding pen at 5:28am after going to the ordeal of finding a decent rest room within the High Street complex to relieve myself. Fruits are good but you don’t take it the night before a race otherwise you will find yourself in a very compromising situation. A lesson to remember on my next road race.

At exactly 5:30am the 12k event was gun started. The route took us along the artiliar roads with Bonifacio Global City. I would kike to congratulate the sponsors and organizers for a well organised event. All the logistical needs for the race were well provided and attended to. While there were not that many participants, it was a great event. Thanks to Brooks and hopefully we shall have the 3rd sequel next year.

This race has been particularly memorable for me as from the 8th kilometer onwards until the finish line I was joined by a brother in my field of profession Chief Engineer Vic Esta of ScanPhil who is also a senior runner as I am. It was just like going with the tide as we were exchanging pleasntries and complaining to ourselves why our tummy are still big despite of the rregular running workouts. The talk and company made the run easier down to the finish line.

01h39m57sec after the gun start I crossed the finish line on a race walking mode for the 12k distance. As always nothing spectacular but a great day to welcome the raining season.