Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ginger - "Luyang Dilaw"

Last 20Sep09 I was not able to join the ROTA RUN 09 in view of a “gout attack” I suffered. For those that are unaware of the whole incident, I herewith provide linkage to my old blog;

Last Monday 28Sep09 I saw Gen.Jovie Narcise (ret) aka Bald Runner at the Ultra Oval during my daily run. He was glad that I have already recovered from my “gout attack” and provided me with wisdom on food intake and prevention of gout. It was then he told me that he has at home a stock of GINGER locally called “Luyang Dilaw” which is of different variety from an ordinary “luya” as it is sweeter, less spicy and full of medicinal value. He promised to send me these “luyang dilaw” in my office with instructions on how to prepare them.

Yesterday 29Nov09, as promised I received by messenger a generous quantity of “Luyang Dilaw”. I then instructed my staff to prepare a sample by just cleaning the root, boiling and then adding sugar to taste just like any “salabat”. I actually was expecting a “salabat” tasting drink. However, when the finish product was given to me the taste was very mellow and smooth unlike an ordinary salabat. The finish product was yellow in color like a pure pineapple juice and has a very YELLOWISH STAIN. I distributed the drink to the office staff who gave a positive feedback and asked me what are that medicinal value of such a drink. It was then that I need to do my own research in the internet to be able to convince others to take the drink.

Complete details with respect to Ginger, its history, medicinal value, usages etc. can be found on the following link;

However, to name a few, the following are but some of the medicinal value;

Relief from Gastrointestinal Problems
Relief from Nausea
Anti-inflammatory effect – Arthritis
Protection against Colorectal Cancer
Induces Cell death in Ovarian Cancer Cells
Immune Boosting Actions

Now instead of taking other drinks why not try “Luyang Dilaw”.

To Bald Runner, thank you for sharing and you advises on how to prevent “gout attack”.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

27Sep09 - My Own NB 10K Power Run 09

It was but expected that the NB Power Run 09 scheduled for today 27Sep09 was cancelled due to the calamity brought about by typhoon “ONDOY” which now has been re-scheduled for 29Nov09.

First and foremost, to those who were in one way or another been affected by the flooding resulting to lost or damage to their properties, we console with you and pray that the almighty will guide you for a quick recovery.

Having nothing to do much the previous day because of the rains and the traffic, I and my family just stayed home and monitored the events of flooding. However, I was able still to do my 10.2Km run that Saturday at Fort Bonifacio and McKinley Hills between 7am to 8:30am. During that time, it was raining but not that heavy. It was after my run that the rain was relentless the whole day.

With plenty of rest the whole of Saturday, I woke up early today and debated with myself if I should run or not. Feeling bloated and guilty of too much eating, I told myself to run and burn the extra calories. It was at this point that I took hold of my NB Power Run race packet and memorized the supposedly 10K route had the race pushed through. I will have my very own 10km Power Run.

At 4:50am with temperature at 25C and no rain (yes no rain) I started to trace the route that supposed to be taken by 10K Power Run. It was a leisurely run wherein I noticed as I proceeded to my route that more and more runners were also doing their own run. Of course, there were those who probably were not aware that the race was cancelled and were starting to arrive complete in their bibs and race singlets.

Reaching the 5.0km mark I was already about to enter the McKinley Hill. As in any time that I pass this place, I have that mental blockage and fear of the things to come, but, in the end as you complete McKinley Hill you have that particular sense of victory for having conquered the hills. This day was no different and by 7.5km I was already out of the place.

By 6:04am I crossed my imaginary finish line and true enough the distance that registered to my Garmin Forerunner 405 was 10.07km. The declared distance was indeed correctly measured.

Another Sunday run completed. Just before I head home I offered a silent prayer for those that have been affected by “ONDOY”.

Shame on this guy “ONDOY” for having spoiled the Sunday run of 6000 runners.

Friday, September 25, 2009

NB Power Run 09 - Problem on Race Packet and Singlet Collection

I have been joining road races since April 2007 and since then I have been trying to convince my wife to join me to no avail. However, sometime last year I was able to convince my son Dax and daughter in law Pamela to embrace the sport. Both have been joining races since then and were even able to recruit four of their friends. This is the evangelization of running.

Early this month, of whatever reasons, I again asked my wife if she would like to join the family for the New Balance Power Run 09. To my great surprise it was an affirmative answer. Without hesitation I registered myself, wife, son Dax, Pamela and my youngest 10 year old son for the run.

I submitted and paid for the registration at New Balance Shangri-la Plaza on 11Sep09 total cost was P1,600.00. Race packet and singlet for 10K was available then but 3 of my registration for the 5K, the race packets and singlets were not available so I just asked for a receipt, the store attendant said that they are not issuing receipts so I just asked him to write a receipt of the amount in a piece of paper so that I have something to hold on as a proof of payment.

Since 11Sep09 till noon time of today 25Sep09 I have returned to the store four times and each time I was told that it should be available the following day. Today, I was told that the 5K race packets are onhand but the singlets are not available. I told the store attendant that I have spent so much time and gasoline to keep on returning taht I do not want to be further inconvenienced and instead would be more than happy to get my money back. However, the store attendant could not return my payment as according to him the amount is already with Extribe who are the organizers of the race and that New Balance are not involve. I reminded the store attendant that the race is sponsored by New Balance so in effect it has its responsibility and that my payment was received by them and not by Extribe as proof is the piece of paper I was holding. I asked to talk to a responsible New Balance staff/manager so that I could express my concern. He called and talked to somebody on the other line but the person didn’t want to talk to me apparently.

It was at this point I raised my voice/shout on the guy as I could no longer keep my composure. After a minute or so, a young person who was inside the store looking at shoes approached me and in a polite manner offered if he could be of assistance as he was part or know the organizers Extribe. The person was JAN LAYUG (am not sure if I spelled/got the name correctly) he called the person in-charged someone by the name Eric and explained the situation. A compromise solution was agreed upon that I shall get the race packets (the 5K packets are already available but the singlets are still not available) the singlets will be provided by Jan on race day.

I thank Mr. Jan Layug for introducing himself and offering assistance. He could have just kept quiet but instead did the right thing to involve himself as part/or friend of Extribe. For this action Jan, you have my respect. I hope that my problem in race packet and singlet collection is remote and not common to all, otherwise, it will be of a big concern due to the volume of participants.

In the end, I now have a race bib for my wife so that she does not backout of the race.

See you all at the Power Run 09.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rota Run 09 - "No Show" Gout Attack

As early as the last week of August I have already registered myself for the ROTA RUN 09. In short I was excited to do the 21K run which is actually incorporated in my training plan for the Singapore Marathon scheduled for Dec. 6, 2009.

Yesterday, I had a rest day from my daily run so that I have enough energy for the run today. I sleep early Saturday night and set my alarm at 3am to give me enough time for the morning rituals and be on time for the assembly time of 430am.

At 3:00am I woke up and strangely felt that I cannot move my right foot. Thinking I was only having a cramps, I started to do some flexing of my leg muscle, however, the pain was different. I tried to look at my right foot, I was surprised to see a swollen right foot “lumbrical mm”. As far as I could remember I have not injured myself the previous day and that the pain is on the muscles and not bones. As much as I do not want to make my own diagnosis, I am afraid that this is a GOUT ATTACK.

I am still in pain as I write this blog and scheduled myself to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis on the problem. In running, the basic requirement are two healthy feet. Anytime they are injured means NO RUNNING. So for the next days that I relieve myself of the problem I shall be only running in my dreams. Pray that I be back into healthy form in no time.

How was the Rota Run 09?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


For 13 Sundays in 26 key cities all over the Philippines scenes of thousands of runners in green singlets flooding the major thoroughfares highlight the 26 elimination races of the 33rd National MILO Marathon this year. The qualifying runs, held in two cities every Sunday, aim to search for worthy challengers to last year's King and Queen of Philippine Marathon Eduardo Buenavista and Mercedita Fetalvero (inset).

A total of 235 men and women runners advanced to the finals of the 33rd National MILO Marathon Finals slated on October 11 in Manila.

Of the total qualifiers who survived the eight-months, 26-leg nationwide elimination races, 169 are from Metro Manila, 160 of them men.

The runners will converge in Manila all expenses paid to challenge reigning men champion Eduardo Buenavista and current women queen Mercedita Manipol Fetalvero in the strength-sapping 42k contest. The men and women champion each brings home P75,000 plus elegant glass trophies.

Rene Desuyo and Christabel Martes, the 2005 Manila SEA Games marathon winner, topped the Metro Manila leg men and women division, respectively.

Prominent qualifiers include two-time marathon champion Allan Ballester, Alley Quisay, Rogelio Sarmiento, Ronald Despi and Reynaldo de los Reyes, Jho-Ann Banayag, Aileen Tolentino, Geraldine Sealza, Librada Tamson, Meshelle Villanueva, Maricel de la Peña and Rosario Alberto.

Ballester, the 2000-2001 champion, Desuyo, Quisay, Bernardo Desamito Jr., and the Sabal brothers, Cresenciano, Gerald and Elmer loom as the biggest threat to Buenavista’s title retention bid.

The SEA Games-bound Buenavista, the 2002 and 2008 champion, is seeking to duplicate the three-peat feats of Jimmy de la Torre and Wilfredo Ballester.

Buenavista holds the best record 2:18.33 he registered during the 2007 Metro Manila elimination.

De la Torrre, from Pototan, Iloilo, won the race in 1981, 82 and 84 while Ballester, from Sorsogon, did the trick in 1985, 90 and 91.

On record, Roy Vence holds the still unmatched six titles in 1993, 94, 96, 98, 99 and 2004. Vence qualified to the finals by placing third in the Batangas leg topped by Alquin Bolivar.

Martes and Banayag, both former marathon champions, are picked to provide strong challenge to Fetalvero, who is making the race her final preparation for the Laos SEA meet in December.

Of the 26 legs provincial sorties supervised by race director Rudy Biscocho, only the cities of Santiago (Isabela) and Tagbilaran (Bohol) did not produce qualifiers in both men and women divisions.

Cebu and Metro Manila had registered the biggest number of entries with more than 20,000 runners.

Few runners qualified to the finals because of the imposition of time barrier by the organizers of the country’s longest running footrace aimed to raise the level of competition and acceptable to the running enthusiasts.

The organizers imposed the time barrier 1:15 for men and 1:30 for women ostensibly to make the race more challenging and exciting.

“We introduced the time barrier for the first time precisely to improve the quality of competition,” justified Nestle AVP and Milo Events Sports Executive Pat Goc-ong.

There were no women qualifiers in Palawan, Iligan, Butuan, Laoag Tacloban, San Fernando, Baguio, Legazpi, Iloilo, and Bacolod while no male runners qualified in Cagayan de Oro, Roxas, and Naga.

Meanwhile, national MILO Marathon organizer Rudy Biscocho announced that registration for the other side events – 21K, 10K, 5K, and 3K kiddie run in the upcoming MILO national finals is now on going until October 5 at 51 Annapolis St. in Greenhills in San Juan, Planet Sports at the Rockwell Plaza, Mizuno outlets at Bonifacio High St. and Trinoma.

Registration fees is P150 for 21K, P100 for 10K and 5K, P50 for 3K. Registration fee for participating schools is P50 for 5K and P40 for 3K.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crown Regency Fuente Osmena – Old Cebu-Mactan Bridge

Sept 15, 2009 0451 Hrs – I have in the past done this run twice so the route is quite familiar to me. I past the Mango entertainment complex area where the clubs were just closing and you see young girls starting to go home and the not so young men either on their way home or going somewhere with a young girl escort. This is one fringe benefit you get when you pass this section of Gen. Maxilom Avenue.

From Gen. Maxilom Avenue I went straight southwards all the way to Sergio Osmena Boulevard which is the reclamation area then turning eastward to the direction of CICC or the Cebu International Convention Center.

By 0545 hrs or there about I was already approaching the Old Cebu-Mactan Bridge and took time to go on a pedestrian crossing to take a picture of the bridge to the east. I took also time to stop at the middle of the bridge for a good picture of the Fernan Bridge to the north. I proceeded then to complete my bridge crossing and upon reaching the Mactan side decided to terminate my run and head back to Crown Regency Hotel via taxi. The run was 10.02 km on a time of 01h11m52sec.

Having completed a good morning workout, I was ready to attend to business dealings for the day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Motorist Discipline on Road Races

21K Starting Line at 5:30am

10K Stating Line at 5:55am

The order of the day was moderate to heavy rain and a temperature of 24C. This weather condition did not deter the Eco Dash by Ayala Mall Environmental Run to be held today September 13, 2009.

Instead of going through the sequence of the race event, I would like to proceed directly to the intention of this post, that of driver’s discipline, virtue of patience and culture of road/traffic behaviour.

In the past I have written on the subject “Motorist vs. Runners – Road Sharing” which I provide a link herewith for my observations and concerns then;

Today’s race being sponsored by Ayala Malls has the complete support of Ayala security group and ably augmented by the organizers marshals and police group from both Taguig and Makati City with mobile patrols at that. If you are a runner, upon reaching a 100 meters before the intersection of Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue you could not but notice that motorist at Makati Avenue going eastward were blowing their horn in full blast so much so that the sound was really annoying and I mean really annoying.

Just before I was to turn left to Makati Avenue there was this taxi cab who was quite insistent on crossing Paseo but the intersection was full of 21k runners going back the Fort and 10k runners turning left to Ayala Malls. The taxi driver still insisted to cross and the only alternative for the traffic enforcer was position his own body to stop the taxi cab. The taxi cab driver shouted to the traffic enforcer “P_I_ninyo! Matulog nalang kayo maulan pa naman” . The traffic enforcer was calm instead just told the driver to turn right at Paseo if he was in a hurry. The driver instead reacted by shouting “ tuta kayo ng mga yan” and immediately turned right and speeded to the direction of Paseo eastward. The traffic enforce already lost his cool and run after the taxi but to no avail. Had the traffic enforcer caught the taxi before speeding, it was a very ripe condition for an violent incident!

The whole incident happened so quick that I myself was at a lost and could not believe on the behaviour, disciple and virtue of patience of that particular driver. Worst is that as if he was able to pull a fast one by speeding away after all the offensive words he had uttered.

It brings me back to my past concern. Hopefully this scenario will not be replicated in the near future to cause a “Road Rage” that may result to injury or even death either to a motorist, a runner, a marshal, or a traffic enforcer. If we cannot even discipline drivers on the very basic of driving what can we expect for their virtue of patience and understanding for runners and running events on weekends. Think about it guys how to solve this recurring problem which shall be more and more possible to happen considering more races are being held on different streets in the simultaneously on 3 to 4 venues every weekend.

On the race event itself, it was well organized with ample water and Gatorade stations. The rains might have caused others to remain at home but the number of participants who braved the rain were still of great number. In view of the cool weather I expect a lot of PR will be established on this run event. For my 10k run it was 01h07m28s.

It was another Sunday at a Road Race.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

33rd Milo Marathon Finals - Event Update

(Click image to enlarge view)

It is all system go for the 33rd National Finals Milo Marathon scheduled on for October 11, 2009 at 4:30am. The qualifiers for the full marathon are now complete and have a month to fine tune and complete their training for the much awaited showdown to determine the 33rd champions for the men and women category.

To add fanfare to the event a 21K, 10K, 5K and 3K run will also be held simultaneously and is expected to generate great attendance from different sectors of the society as in previous years. Registration for these race categories are now open and accepted at Annapolis Greenhills, Mizuno The Fort, Mizuno Trinoma and Planet Sports Rockwell.

The route for the different categories has been finalized and will cover the areas as shown in the following chart;

(Click image to enlarge view)

To keep the event abreast with the latest technology, disposable timing chips will be used for the 10K, 21K and 42K events. Milo has taken this step to ensure that the standard of the race event will be at par if not better.

(Click image to enlarge view)

For the finals, Reinier Pacific and has again joined hands to offer a voluntary Aid Station as approved by the sponsors and race organisers. The aid station will primarily service the 21K and 42K runners and will be located at Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue and Chino Roces Street in Makati City. The aid station shall be providing muscle relaxant spraying to any/all runners that may wish to avail of the support service. Participants need not worry that should they avail of such support service the process will waste/eat previous time, but in reality such spraying service will take only a maximum of 15 seconds and will go a long way to relieve muscle pains. To avoid congestion, there will be 15-20 slots to provide spraying at one time. The 21k runners can avail once, while the 42K will pass the aid station twice and avail as much. Vaselinee and bananas will also be able on the same aid station.

On the same day Milo will also launch its new product ”MILO 3 in 1 For Adults” that will address the much needed added nutritional needs of Adults in their quest for energy.

To all the 42k finalist, serious runners and fun runners we wish you all the best... “KAYA MO ‘YAN”

Sunday, September 6, 2009

1st Masters 15Km Run - Camp Aguinaldo

Camp Aguinaldo is the national headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and is located in Quezon City. Camp Aguinaldo was established on January 11, 1935 as Camp Murphy. It was named in honor of Frank Murphy, the last Governor-General of the Philippines who subsequently became the first American High Commissioner after the first Philippine Commonwealth Government was established. In June 1965, by virtue of Republic Act 4434, Camp Murphy was renamed Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo.

A very informative website is maintained by Camp Aguinaldo and can be accessed at;

The camp has a total land area of 178 hectares. The total length of the camp main thoroughfare roads and road nets extends up to 19,307 meters which provide access to a population of 5,421 personnel living inside Camp Aguinaldo.

It is on this very historical, secured and peaceful place that the 1st Masters 15K Run was held today Sept. 6, 2009. The vicinity and locale of Camp Aguinaldo is known practically to all Filipino, however, very few have had the opportunity to actually visit the Camp in its totality. My personal knowledge of the Camp is limited to the Golf Course which I have frequented in the past to play golf on a number of occasions. It was however only today that I was given the opportunity to run the roads inside the camp. I could not think of any ideal place within the city proper a road running race could be conducted with very minimal vehicular traffic and clean air, free from polluted air to that of EDSA which is closely situated and only separated by a perimeter wall. To top it all, nothing could beat the security! You have the whole army to protect you.

The race was scheduled at 5:30am, however, due to heavy rain it was still dark during the said time so it was delayed to 6:00am. A simple opening ceremony was done at 5:45am at the Parade Grandstand of GHQ with an opening invocation followed by the National Anthem. This was followed by Bald Runner himself Gen. Jovinal Narcise (ret) welcoming all participants and he as well gave a little historical background of Camp Aguinaldo for the information of all. It was great to know that after a very long period of time it was only today that the camp was opened/allowed to the civilian for the usage of the peripheral roads within the camp.

At exactly 6am with light to moderate rain the start of the race was signalled taking all participants to a two loops totalling 15Km starting at the parade grandstand going northward then west to general direction of EDSA and to subsequent twist and turns on the different roads passing through the golf course thence returning to the grandstand for another loop.

The route was safety and health friendly for all runners. The road was practically empty for the runners and with no pollution nor traffic. I do not have the exact number of participants, but, it was not that much considering there were other races going on within the city and that the race was primarily only for masters 40 years and above for male and 35 years and above for female. However, those that were there were more than impressed on how the race was conducted before, during and after.

The 1st Master 15km Run was a labour of love. A race that was bare of any commercialism with different individuals pitching in to make the event a reality. I wish to congratulate Bald Runner for giving us all the opportunity to run inside Camp Aguinaldo. A job well done sir!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Training Log - August 2009

Eight months has passed by for the year 2009 and the only way to assess how things has moved on with respect to physical exercise for medical reasons and for the on going training of the different race plans is a review and analysis of a Training Log.

For the month of August total distance run was 224.90km duration of 28.5172hours and burned a total 0f 21,602kcal.

For the year, total distance is 2182.69km and a grand total of 6,898.73km since April 27, 2007.