Thursday, September 3, 2009

Training Log - August 2009

Eight months has passed by for the year 2009 and the only way to assess how things has moved on with respect to physical exercise for medical reasons and for the on going training of the different race plans is a review and analysis of a Training Log.

For the month of August total distance run was 224.90km duration of 28.5172hours and burned a total 0f 21,602kcal.

For the year, total distance is 2182.69km and a grand total of 6,898.73km since April 27, 2007.


  1. Sir Amado your mileage is amazing! You're in terrific shape :) I can only dream of reaching those numbers. Take is easy sir!


  2. Dear Luis - Thanks! How is your injury? I hope you are back into form.

  3. After following doctor's orders and drastically cutting down mileage, I am not running pain-free although I am limiting myself to 10k's for the meantime :) Thank you for the concern sir and congratulations on your Master's run!