Sunday, September 27, 2009

27Sep09 - My Own NB 10K Power Run 09

It was but expected that the NB Power Run 09 scheduled for today 27Sep09 was cancelled due to the calamity brought about by typhoon “ONDOY” which now has been re-scheduled for 29Nov09.

First and foremost, to those who were in one way or another been affected by the flooding resulting to lost or damage to their properties, we console with you and pray that the almighty will guide you for a quick recovery.

Having nothing to do much the previous day because of the rains and the traffic, I and my family just stayed home and monitored the events of flooding. However, I was able still to do my 10.2Km run that Saturday at Fort Bonifacio and McKinley Hills between 7am to 8:30am. During that time, it was raining but not that heavy. It was after my run that the rain was relentless the whole day.

With plenty of rest the whole of Saturday, I woke up early today and debated with myself if I should run or not. Feeling bloated and guilty of too much eating, I told myself to run and burn the extra calories. It was at this point that I took hold of my NB Power Run race packet and memorized the supposedly 10K route had the race pushed through. I will have my very own 10km Power Run.

At 4:50am with temperature at 25C and no rain (yes no rain) I started to trace the route that supposed to be taken by 10K Power Run. It was a leisurely run wherein I noticed as I proceeded to my route that more and more runners were also doing their own run. Of course, there were those who probably were not aware that the race was cancelled and were starting to arrive complete in their bibs and race singlets.

Reaching the 5.0km mark I was already about to enter the McKinley Hill. As in any time that I pass this place, I have that mental blockage and fear of the things to come, but, in the end as you complete McKinley Hill you have that particular sense of victory for having conquered the hills. This day was no different and by 7.5km I was already out of the place.

By 6:04am I crossed my imaginary finish line and true enough the distance that registered to my Garmin Forerunner 405 was 10.07km. The declared distance was indeed correctly measured.

Another Sunday run completed. Just before I head home I offered a silent prayer for those that have been affected by “ONDOY”.

Shame on this guy “ONDOY” for having spoiled the Sunday run of 6000 runners.


  1. Nice route report Sir Amado. Shame, 6,000 runners wound up without their Sunday fix. Hope that everyone affected by the deluge is now in better shape, everyone is such in a somber mood right now.

  2. Dear Luis - Dapat dyan kay ONDOY bitayin eh! Yes, we need to extend help to those in need in our own ways and capability.