Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crown Regency Fuente Osmena – Old Cebu-Mactan Bridge

Sept 15, 2009 0451 Hrs – I have in the past done this run twice so the route is quite familiar to me. I past the Mango entertainment complex area where the clubs were just closing and you see young girls starting to go home and the not so young men either on their way home or going somewhere with a young girl escort. This is one fringe benefit you get when you pass this section of Gen. Maxilom Avenue.

From Gen. Maxilom Avenue I went straight southwards all the way to Sergio Osmena Boulevard which is the reclamation area then turning eastward to the direction of CICC or the Cebu International Convention Center.

By 0545 hrs or there about I was already approaching the Old Cebu-Mactan Bridge and took time to go on a pedestrian crossing to take a picture of the bridge to the east. I took also time to stop at the middle of the bridge for a good picture of the Fernan Bridge to the north. I proceeded then to complete my bridge crossing and upon reaching the Mactan side decided to terminate my run and head back to Crown Regency Hotel via taxi. The run was 10.02 km on a time of 01h11m52sec.

Having completed a good morning workout, I was ready to attend to business dealings for the day.


  1. Hi Sir, I've been inching to run the Mactan Bridge for a long time. I just got back from Cebu as well but settled running on the treadmill in the hotel. I wasn't sure how safe it is to run in Cebu early in the morning or early night time. Seeing your pics makes me want to run the bridge even more... Haaay...

  2. that's a nice run you had there. thanks for the post and for sharing your photos. :)

  3. Dear Bankrunner - I have done both bridges 3 times this year and I usually start from the hotel at 5am. At first, I did as well had my security apprehension, but, I now feel safe and confident. But as is any place just be diligent of your safety. I strongly recommend crossing of both the Old Cebu-Mactan Bridge and the Fernan Bridge.

    Dear Let - Thanks for the kind words.

  4. thanks for the post! i also tried to run across un avenue all the way to fernan bridge.