Sunday, January 22, 2012

Timex 2012 Run - Time Is Running

After just a week since the opening salvo of RunRio, they followed another running event for today 22Jan12, the TIMES 2012 RUN – TIME IS RUNNING. The event covered the 16/10/5 kilometer categories.

As expected the race event was another big success. Although I do not have the official comparative attendance count, I would say that today’s event has a greater number of participants from last week. Timex has established from the past years a good base of followers. Having said this, Piolo Pascual who has been the endorser for TIMEX on previous run, is still a force to recon as he still commands a good number of female fans (even males)  The guy could really run as well having a personal best of 47minutes for the 10k distance. Today also coincide to be his birthday. Happy birthday Piolo

To Timex congratuilations for a successful event. To coach Rio and his staff wishing you all the best and hope for your continued endeavors to bring class and stature to the Filipino runners.

I completed my 10k run in 01h08m50s (unofficial time) which was also an improvement from my last week’s timing. 

Another Sunday in the road. The way I would always want to complete a week and start a personal Sunday bonding time with the family.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Go Natural 2012 - Opening Salvo of RunRio for 2012

Go Natural 2012 – “A Run For Early Child Diabetes Education” is the opening salvo of RunRio  for the year 2012. The event was held today 15Jan12 at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) covering 21/10/5/3 km categories.

As what can now be expected from RunRio the event was not only well attended by the local running community it was as well organized race with lot activities offered to all runners after their race events. Congratulations to RunRio and sponsors Go Natural.

Normally after crossing the finish line I proceed to my car and go home immediately, however, as it was still early and with the sun still low in the horizon, I did a walkabout in the activity grounds of the race event. The giveaways to all the participants were well managed in its distribution. There were many sponsors activity booths that can be visited by the runners. One outstanding and striking set-up that I wish to commend RunRio was the installation of a row of TRASH BINS that were very visible and usable by all persons in the activity area to ensure that cleanliness and proper disposal of trash is handled. Great job to the organizers for environmentally sensitive.

There were really a lot a activities going about simultaneously and another very striking event was a rock band playing with all gusto to the delight of the crowd. The band was playing well and I wanted to ask somebody their name but felt ashame to do so. Anyways, whoever you are guys your music was good.

One minor fault I noticed during the race was the installation of the distance marker for 10km located at Rizal Avenue where it indicates that 10km runners have still 3 km to go. Somebody made a booboo where it was placed as just 50 meters after you have another sign that 10km runners have completed 8 km. While it is very minor fault maybe somebody should check isignages are correctly placed by utility personnels to wher they should be as error on their part could tarnish the good name of the organizer.

I completed my 10km event in an unofficial time of 01h11m55s another great Sunday hugging the roads.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

PSE Bull Run 2012 - A Great Start For A Running Year

In the last four consecutive years, I have started my year in running with one  event and that is Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) BULL RUN – “Takbo Para Sa Ekonomiya”.

I have witnessed the said event evolved from a so-so running event and gradually improving as the years pass by to what it has been today…a well attended and managed running event. If such a success of the initial running event of the year would be the basis  for all other races during 2012 then the running community will be in for a great running year.

The 2012 edition od the PSE Bull Run covered 21/16/10/5/3 km categories. The unofficial attendance fro the event is about 8000 runners. Each individual category was started by the sound of the TRADING BELL of PSE instead of the usual gun start.

Congratulations to sponsors Philippine Stock Exchange for their continued support and commitment for the past four years to the running community and may you continue for the coming years. Congratulationa as well for a job well done for the event organisers ADEVENTS who have improved over the years.

I joined the 10km category and finished in 01h 15min 49sec nothing spectacular for any young person but for a forthcoming 61 year old guy, it is a good start for the year. I just hope I will have the longetivity to continue my running to my 70’s.

See you on the road this 2012.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Running Log For The Year 2011

As with any other endeavor, any task or undertaking will only be considered completed should the same be documented for analysis and record purposes. In this respect, I submit the above REPORT CARD of my Running Log for the year 2011.

Total distance run for 2011 - 2,146.16 kilometers
Total Calories burned running for 2011 - 149,050 Kcal
Total distance run since April 2007 - 12,760.50 kilometers

Unlike on previous years, I was hitting 3000+ kilometers a year. However age is fast affecting me (I am turning 61 years old this 2012) and I have noticed a big difference in my stamina. For the year 2012, I shall limit now my race participation to 10km distances and workouts to 40km/week. The main consideration now is maintaining good health so that I could run till I am on my 70's.

Wishing all runners a great year ahead. Keep healthy, safe and injury free. See you on the road.