Sunday, January 8, 2012

PSE Bull Run 2012 - A Great Start For A Running Year

In the last four consecutive years, I have started my year in running with one  event and that is Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) BULL RUN – “Takbo Para Sa Ekonomiya”.

I have witnessed the said event evolved from a so-so running event and gradually improving as the years pass by to what it has been today…a well attended and managed running event. If such a success of the initial running event of the year would be the basis  for all other races during 2012 then the running community will be in for a great running year.

The 2012 edition od the PSE Bull Run covered 21/16/10/5/3 km categories. The unofficial attendance fro the event is about 8000 runners. Each individual category was started by the sound of the TRADING BELL of PSE instead of the usual gun start.

Congratulations to sponsors Philippine Stock Exchange for their continued support and commitment for the past four years to the running community and may you continue for the coming years. Congratulationa as well for a job well done for the event organisers ADEVENTS who have improved over the years.

I joined the 10km category and finished in 01h 15min 49sec nothing spectacular for any young person but for a forthcoming 61 year old guy, it is a good start for the year. I just hope I will have the longetivity to continue my running to my 70’s.

See you on the road this 2012.


  1. From Monday to Saturday run 10K every morning and on Sunday run a race. Way to go, Amado! Congrats and sorry for not able to run with you while in California. Sa Pinas na lang.

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