Sunday, January 22, 2012

Timex 2012 Run - Time Is Running

After just a week since the opening salvo of RunRio, they followed another running event for today 22Jan12, the TIMES 2012 RUN – TIME IS RUNNING. The event covered the 16/10/5 kilometer categories.

As expected the race event was another big success. Although I do not have the official comparative attendance count, I would say that today’s event has a greater number of participants from last week. Timex has established from the past years a good base of followers. Having said this, Piolo Pascual who has been the endorser for TIMEX on previous run, is still a force to recon as he still commands a good number of female fans (even males)  The guy could really run as well having a personal best of 47minutes for the 10k distance. Today also coincide to be his birthday. Happy birthday Piolo

To Timex congratuilations for a successful event. To coach Rio and his staff wishing you all the best and hope for your continued endeavors to bring class and stature to the Filipino runners.

I completed my 10k run in 01h08m50s (unofficial time) which was also an improvement from my last week’s timing. 

Another Sunday in the road. The way I would always want to complete a week and start a personal Sunday bonding time with the family.

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