Thursday, January 5, 2012

Running Log For The Year 2011

As with any other endeavor, any task or undertaking will only be considered completed should the same be documented for analysis and record purposes. In this respect, I submit the above REPORT CARD of my Running Log for the year 2011.

Total distance run for 2011 - 2,146.16 kilometers
Total Calories burned running for 2011 - 149,050 Kcal
Total distance run since April 2007 - 12,760.50 kilometers

Unlike on previous years, I was hitting 3000+ kilometers a year. However age is fast affecting me (I am turning 61 years old this 2012) and I have noticed a big difference in my stamina. For the year 2012, I shall limit now my race participation to 10km distances and workouts to 40km/week. The main consideration now is maintaining good health so that I could run till I am on my 70's.

Wishing all runners a great year ahead. Keep healthy, safe and injury free. See you on the road.


  1. 2,146km?!?! wow!!! galing sir! I hope to accumulate at least 2,000km this year so your report card was very inspiring. thanks!

  2. @daytripper1021 - Wish you all the best! A young man like you should be able to attain 2000km for the year. Happy New Year!