Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ginger - "Luyang Dilaw"

Last 20Sep09 I was not able to join the ROTA RUN 09 in view of a “gout attack” I suffered. For those that are unaware of the whole incident, I herewith provide linkage to my old blog;

Last Monday 28Sep09 I saw Gen.Jovie Narcise (ret) aka Bald Runner at the Ultra Oval during my daily run. He was glad that I have already recovered from my “gout attack” and provided me with wisdom on food intake and prevention of gout. It was then he told me that he has at home a stock of GINGER locally called “Luyang Dilaw” which is of different variety from an ordinary “luya” as it is sweeter, less spicy and full of medicinal value. He promised to send me these “luyang dilaw” in my office with instructions on how to prepare them.

Yesterday 29Nov09, as promised I received by messenger a generous quantity of “Luyang Dilaw”. I then instructed my staff to prepare a sample by just cleaning the root, boiling and then adding sugar to taste just like any “salabat”. I actually was expecting a “salabat” tasting drink. However, when the finish product was given to me the taste was very mellow and smooth unlike an ordinary salabat. The finish product was yellow in color like a pure pineapple juice and has a very YELLOWISH STAIN. I distributed the drink to the office staff who gave a positive feedback and asked me what are that medicinal value of such a drink. It was then that I need to do my own research in the internet to be able to convince others to take the drink.

Complete details with respect to Ginger, its history, medicinal value, usages etc. can be found on the following link;

However, to name a few, the following are but some of the medicinal value;

Relief from Gastrointestinal Problems
Relief from Nausea
Anti-inflammatory effect – Arthritis
Protection against Colorectal Cancer
Induces Cell death in Ovarian Cancer Cells
Immune Boosting Actions

Now instead of taking other drinks why not try “Luyang Dilaw”.

To Bald Runner, thank you for sharing and you advises on how to prevent “gout attack”.


  1. you are welcome, sir amado! that's my daily beverage/drinks

  2. Thanks for sharing this Healthy Drink, Sir Amado...and Sir Jovie. I am amazed of this drink already - will try soon!

  3. Dear BR - Now I know why you are that healthy!

    Dear Mar - It really is a MUST try drink and be surprise of a very smooth and sweet taste.

  4. For reasons I refuse to identify I really like this post of yours Sir Amado hahahaha :)

  5. Dear Luis - Do not tell me a youg guy like you has arthritis?

  6. Heheh thankfully no Sir! It's more on the... ginger part :)

  7. luyang dilaw is also known as TURMERIC,its used as an anti inflamatory agent(gout),as remedy for gastrointestinal discomfort,as an antiseptic for wounds and also used as an anti venin for king cobra bites....

  8. Dear Anonymous - Thank you for the added information.