Sunday, June 21, 2009

Men's Health ATR - A Race of International Standard

First things first! Overall rating for the Men’s Health All Terrain Race held today 21Jun09 at the Sta Elena Estate was “An Outstanding Success, a race organized and conducted to International Standards”. To the Sponsors Men’s Health Magazine, Sta Elena Estate and all other major and minor sponsors, your money’s worth was well spent! To the organizers , the whole group of Coach Rio Dela Cruz you did it again, better yet, I would say that this is your best of the best. Congratulations to all of you.

(late posting 22Jun09 1200 hrs) - I received a comment on my blog from a certain LET GUIEB that he/she is personally aware that a participant in the race had their car opened and lost some personal belonging. To put matters on the right perspective, I deem it right to add this late posting in my blog and call the attention of FINISHLINE to investigate the matter and come up with a report and possible corrective measures to satisfy the needs of the running community)

From Parking arrangement, security, race starting line chute, water stations, support of Sta Elena Estate, photovendo staff, booths and the numerous marshals in the field it was a perfect set up. The route was challenging to beginners with a lot of twist and turns. The course track is more like a “Snake Trail Run” as could be seen on my Earth Google Map from my Garmin 405. This is one race that even though it was a trail run, it was next to impossible that a runner will get lost or be out of track as the trail was cordoned and marshals well positioned on critical points and/or on two way traffic sections.

Great as it was, two points that could further be improved would be (a) sound system – a much louder/bigger sound could be considered in the future to booster a festive atmosphere (b) further improvement of the trail course to include possible creek and muddy areas to lift the bar of course handicap. These two items are not complaints, but, only recommendation to further enhance the race standard. Even as early as now they have already announced the same venue for next year! Take a bow guys!

I have been to Sta Elena on numerous occasions, but, primarily as a golfer wherein Sta Elena is well known to have “fast greens” and “professional greens keeper for maintenance” so much so that their services has been used by various golf course s in the country. The trail route lives to the same level of standards that Sta Elena is known. A segment of the trail run was running alongside the fairway which was great. This is one time I can say that “I was out of bounce but well within the trail running rules with no penalty to take” great view of the fairway from a lost ball perspective on the out of bounced area!

I completed the 10K trail run in 01h20m54s nothing spectacular, but, it was a race worth the money and effort to travel. The crowd was great and seeing familiar faces was an assurance of being at home. My only regrets was that today was Father’s Day” so I have to leave as soon as possible and be with the family. To all the fathers that run today, that was our gift to ourselves a relaxing early morning run, no need to do the household chores today! That’s only today mind you.

Let us get spoiled for the day. Happy Father’s Day!


  1. hi sir, as per security I don't think they did their best, I would rate them POOR (that's my opinion) kasi may isang runner na naman na nanakawan ang sasakyan nila. I feel bad for them, for we also had been a victim of an incident like this while in a race.

  2. Dear Let - Thank you for pointing this security lapse. I was not aware of this incident. To put matters on the right perspective I am adding a postscript on my blog to document what you have said. We need to have the organizers aware of security matters. Thank you again.

  3. Ninong MADS,

    This is Deanno....i never knew you ran! A runner friend of mine just pointed me to your blog... I was in the trail run yesterday as well, had quite a good time. Agree with you, was very well organized..
    Ive been doing the regular weekend races but for some reason we havent bumped into each other. Hope to see you on the road soon..take care

  4. Dear Deanno - Am so happy to know that you as well into running now! Looking forward to see you on the next weekend races.

  5. I am glad that we are slowly churning out international standard races Sir Amado. With the massive level of interest in the sport, it may be very soon that this would be a staple in our country. Am sad to hear about the theft though, that has been a lingering problem and should be given extra attention regardless of the organizer.


  6. Dear Luis - The problem on THEFT is deeply rooted that is part of our social and economic problem. The prevention is not that easy even posting so many security guards will not eradicate this problem as we see is evident even on Mall parkings and other social places. I will not try to give a fix solution as it is beyond my skills. Only "Due Diligence" on our part is my practical recommendation and leave matters to faith.