Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My 10 Excuses On A Lazy Day Not To Run

On a lazy day, the most difficult thing to do before a regular run is to convince yourself that you need to run either to pursue your training or just to keep and maintain your selected life style of running.

Listed below are some of good excuses that I have in the past told myself. They may not be logical and may even sound senseless to some of you, but, when you are into running these excuses dumb as they may be have been part of my running life particularly on a lazy day.

10. Today is a Saturday, I need a rest before my scheduled road race on a Sunday.

9. We have a balikbayan house guest or business partner to attend to.

8. It is my wife/son/daughter birthday or we have a family reunion.

7. I have a scheduled early/late meeting in the office.

6. I have to bring/fetch my kid to/from the school today.

5. It is traffic going to the Fort Bonifacio or Ultra, might as well just stay home.

4. My golf buddy/partner called insisting on a round of golf. He feels I have exchanged him to my running buddies.

3. It is RAINING.

2. My blood pressure monitor registered in my OMRON wrist machine at 160/100 while I was dressing up.

1. I dreamed last night I was on a marathon. I was so tired when I woke up!

Seventy five (75%) percent of time that I feel lazy to run, I ignore all reasons and just RUN. After my run I feel so great to have fought the temptation making the run more meaningful. However, twenty five (25%) percent of the time, I am just human and giving in to any of the above reasons has no sham int. Once in a while these excuses have its purpose.

How about yourself?


  1. I agree Sir Amado, oftentimes we give so many excuses not to run just to get off the hook so to speak. And yet strangely enough, each time I do I feel guilty afterwards. Hmm. Anyway, thank you for sharing sir!


  2. Dear Luis - I believe all of us who are into running experoence the same feelings. Our excuses only varies due to our stage in life and life style. Temptation will always be there!

  3. Haha . . . nicely put Amado. For five months, I had 101 excuses not to run. As you said, we're just humans. I'm happy I finally snapped out of my laziness rut. Hope to see you this July 19. If you see me first, do greet me OK?