Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back at the Ultra Oval - Cheating The Rain

I arrived back in Manila on 02Jun09 at 1130am and after an early bedtime to recover for the time travelled I was all hyped to return to my good old Ultra Oval for my daily workout.

At 5am today 03Jun09 there was a continuous drizzling of light rain preventing me to start immediately. However, I saw Jay (Prometheus Cometh) was already running even on the rain. At 5:20am the rain stopped and I told myself to start my race walk and hope that the rain does not fall again. At this time the new varsity track team of JRU was already in assembly and doing their warm up so the oval starting to be filled-up.

While I was on my 2nd km Mike Embuedo joined me in my run and from thereon it was me trying to keep pace with Mike who knows how to pull you to attain more speed in your workout. While doing our continuous cycle at the oval Mike gave me a blow by blow account of his experience at the National Invitational Open at Lingayen. Just when we were completing the 10th km distance the rain started to fall heavier making me to decide to cut the run at this stage. I was able to sneak between the rain a distance of 10.09km for a duration of 01h18m32. Not bad I was able to cheat on the rain this time.

I wish also to post at this time the figures that I have logged for the month of May 2009;

Distance = 286.28 km
Duration = 39.2886 hours or 01d15h17m
Average Speed = 7.29 km / hr
Average Pace = 8.23 mins / km
Calories Burn = 16,089 kcal
Total distance covered for the year 2009 = 1,456.39 km
Total distance covered since April 27, 2007 = 6,172.43 km


  1. Welcome back Sir Amado! Glad you are home safe :) See you at Mizuno? :)


  2. Dear Luis - I have not yet decided if I will enter myself at the Mizuno as I wish to try the Trail Run on the 13th for a change.