Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just Cannot Stop - A Chosen Lifestyle

After the LA Marathon last 25May09, I and my family proceeded directly to Las Vegas for a well deserved relaxing vacation free from training workout as I have already completed the two events I have entered myself for this trip.

During our stay at Las Vegas I planned to do a recovery run after a couple of days rest, but, such would not be the case as the streets of Las Vegas was fitted with traffic lights at every block making a continues runs impossible unless you wish not to follow traffic lights and risk being caught by police for pedestrian violation which I dare not.

For almost a year now there has not been a continues four (4) days that I have not done any physical exercise except last January when I had my angioplasty. Having return back to Moreno Valley on 29May09 evening I was dead serious on getting back to my daily run the following morning even if I was feeling tired from a late road travel back.

At 5:48am on 30May09 with a chilly 14 degrees C temperature I was off to my much needed recovery run at Lasalle Avenue at Moreno Valley. The recovery race walk was completed in 01h32m18s for a distance of 11.36km. After the run I was feeling so good with sweat dripping on my face feeling much alive and knowing that I am back on my daily routine of race walking.

I will be back in Manila on Tuesday 02Jun09. I still have one day to do my Moreno Valley run that I have found great enjoyment and satisfaction. This last run on Sunday 31May09 I definitely would not like to miss. It like a “see you next time” run. As they say everything has an end so that there will be a new beginning.

I need to set goals for a new training plan for the next running/race walking event. Just cannot stop, it is a chosen lifestyle.


  1. mr castro... pwede ko ba kayong sabihang adik? =) see you sa races here in manila.

  2. Dear Rod - For lack of a better term pwede na rin siguro. See you!

  3. Hehe Sir Amado have fun on your vacation po! See you back here in Manila and have a safe flight back home!