Wednesday, May 6, 2009

USATF 15Km Masters Race Walk Championships and LA Marathon

“All my bags are packed and I am ready to go” these are lyrics from the song “Leaving on a Jet Plane” sung by John Denver and Kenneth Browder in 1967.

Yes, I am all set to leave this Sunday May 10, 2009 for a much needed yearly vacation which I shall be spending at my daughter’s place in Moreno Valley California together with the whole family. Another purpose of the travel is to compete on two Race Walking events in California which I have been preparing myself since February 2009. There is no stopping me now even with the much talked about pandemic on A-H1N1 Flue Virus. One thing good working on my part is that the virus SO FAR has not affected people over 50 years old so this is one time that I am glad I am already 58 years old.

The first event will be the USATF 2009 USA Masters 15km Race Walking Championship to be held at Fairmount Park, Riverside CA on May 17, 2009 details of the event is as follows;

(Click on image for enlarged view)

The second event will be on May 25, 2009. I have entered myself in the Los Angeles Marathon Race Walking Division which is on a full marathon distance and to be held simultaneous with the running event. However, the race walk division shall be a judged event which could get you disqualified at any given time that violation on the rule of race walking has been made. The following are some information about the marathon;

(Click on image fo enlarged view)

To the Filipino Running Community out there, I seek your prayers that I be able to finish the events that I have prepared.I will keep you posted on my blog on how things turn out.


  1. Wow. Goodluck Sir. Bring home the bacon! Hehehe. Pressure ba?

  2. Jinoe - Thank you. Don't give me the pressure. I'll be more than happy to just finish the task.

  3. You can make it tito madz!

  4. Dear Irene - Hello iha! did not know you are aware of my blog. Thanks