Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LA Marathon 2009 - The Race Day and Result

After 5 months of preparation for the LA Marathon Race Walking Division today May 25, 2009 was my final day of reckoning . As expected, due to my usual race excitement I was already awake by 2:30am raring to dress up and proceed to the race venue. It was a difficult task to find things to do to make myself busy which with great difficulty I did managed to pass the time. At 6:00am I left the hotel and walk my way to the starting line which was at Figueroa and 5th street.

The marathon itself from registration, collection of bib, security arrangement, starting line, actual race mile by mile, water and food stations, entertainment bands, media coverage and about 20,000 participants only for the marathon itself not to include the Acura Bike race and the 5 Km race which drew a sizeable number of participants as well. As I went through the race proper mile by mile I cannot think and to ask myself WHEN CAN WE IN THE PHILIPPINES HAVE THIS KIND OF MAGNITUDE OF A MARATHON?

The LA Marathon primarily was such great success for so many years now not only because the organizers are professional in handling such an event but the key to the success was the overwhelming support for the City of Los Angeles and the Community itself, schools, churches, civic organization, ethnic community, town councils, and even to neighbourhood families giving their fair share of contribution in form of manpower and festive arrangement along the race route. It was the pride of all to ensure that the City of Los Angeles benefit to the success of the marathon. The best was that they were even able to control the weather condition on race day by cloud seeding to ensure that there would be a cloudy sky to lower down the temperature which was at 14C on the race day. WISH KO LANG that in my remaining lifetime even just half of this magnitude of a marathon and the manner it was handle will do happen to the Philippines.

But in all fairness, such a marathon event needs a fair share of entry fee which on this case was a cool $100 per person for the marathon. I honestly do not think a Filipino marathon runner will spend P4700 for an entry fee. I think this is as well one of the handicaps of our local race organizers. Honestly, I do not have even a clue on how such a problem could be solve. I will just leave the concern as it is for the mean time.

They say that pictures will be able to express more than words, of which I would like to share the pictures I have taken during the marathon to share with you;

Lastly, I completed the 42.2Km distance under the Race Walk Division at 06hrs05mins20sec which was good for 14th Overall, 8th for the sex placing and 7th for the age placing for a total of 53 participants entered under race walk division. Praise God! God is good all the time.


  1. Wow! Congratulations sir! Well done!

  2. congratulations! good job! (pls don't be bored hearing these words because you've been hearing these every step you made during the marathon race from the volunteers and spectators!) the trip and experience was well worth the training & the savings spent to participate in this event. this kind of magnitude in running will never happen in the philippines during our lifetime. good luck & have fun!

  3. Congratulations on your top-10 finish Sir Amado! As one of the proponents of race walking in the country you have once again done us proud! I hope I could join a race of this magnitude at least once in my lifetime. God bless! :)

  4. More race walking to come.
    Wow Sir, that was a tall order.
    Take your time and enjoy your vacation.

    Coach Salazar

  5. Dear BR - The volunteers were one of the magic of this marathon all belonging from a different community, organization and what have you but working together to do pride to the City of Los Angeles and their love of the sport! BR congratulations as well to you, John and Jovelle.

    Dear Luis - Thanks. I know you will and I have no doubt a young man like you have everything in this whole world to conquer make your youth work for you!

    Dear Coach Salazar - I am looking to be with you soon and thank you for the coaching and sharing your talents in race walking with me. I could not ask for a better mentor.

  6. Thank you for the kind words sir, more power and God Bless!

  7. Congratulations! More power!