Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Lake Perris Run - A Near Perfect Running Scenario

With only 5days before the LA Marathon, I am now down to my last 3 days of training runs. Today 20May09 I decided to do the LAKE PERRIS run. The planned route will allow me to start from the house of my daughter at 17181 Andalusian Court Moreno Valley and lead me to the City of Perris encircling the Perris Mountain counter clockwise and leading me back to Moreno Valley via Iris/Moreno Beach then to Lasalle and back to Andalusian Court.

I started the run at 5:30am with a pleasant cool outside temperature of 18c. I was already at the Lake Perris Recreation Park entry west gate by 5:55 and I noticed that there were more than 20 cars lined-up all of whom are into the sport of fishing and are waiting for the gate to be opened at 6:00am. I had to stop and await as well for the gate to be opened. True enough at exactly 6:00am a park ranger in complete impresive uniform arrived on his patrol car and opened the gate.

Off I started my run within the recreation park. I cannot but be mesmerized of the great view of Lake Perris and its natural environment. As I traversed the park, I told myself that this is the closest perfect running scenario anyone can think about, no pollution, clean surrounding, great view, natural environment setting and a great weather which has now has risen to a perfect 21c. The solitude in the road with the fore mentioned scenario was more than what a simple runner could dream about.

The recreational park offers horseback riding with trails, fishing, boating, jet ski, picnic benches and facilities, a marina and a swimming beach within the lake. Lake Perris by the way is a man made lake where a local dam was structured to serve as water reservoir of the surrounding cities.

Without my knowing it I have already completed my race walk covering a distance of 15.06km in 02hrs06min43sec for a relaxed touring speed on 7.13km/hr and a pace of 8.41min/km.

I pray that I shall be able to complete the LA Marathon race walking division in 6hrs 10min. The biggest possible obstacle will be the weather temperature which could deep as cold as 18c at 6am and rise as hot as 38c by noon particularly in downtown LA. What a big temperature fluctuation Los Angeles have at this time of the year.

I shall continue my training up to 22May and at the same time start my carbo loading for a much needed energy boost prior to the marathon on Monday the 25th of May which is also Memorial Day in the USA and will be a long weekend.

Lastly and as always, I leave matters to the Lord as for my faith in the marathon. I shall keep you guys updated of the actions prior to the marathon and after the marathon itself.


  1. much have improved in the surroundings of lake perris for the past 20 years. in the summer of 1984, i've been skydiving/parachuting in lake perris skyjump center. indonesian & israeli commandos (in civilian attire) had been training at the said place then. i suggest you try to experience a tandem parachute jump with the jump master there. parachute jump is a nice item in your "bucket list". see you this saturday. enjoy your vacation.

  2. Dear BR - looking forward to see you on Saturday, maybe then we could discuss further the new inclusion in my "bucket list"