Friday, May 8, 2009

PATAFA - National Open Invitational Championships

Most if not all of the readers of this blog are avid followers of running and/or racewalking so much so that we all share the passion, love, dedication, beauty and magical touch that the sport has touched our individual lives.

However, running and racewalking are but only two of the so many disciplines that the sport TRACK AND FIELD covers. To name a few are pole vault, high jump, long jump, relay, hurdles, hammer throw, javelin throw, discus throw, shot put, and the different events in running such as sprint, middle distance, long distance and all the way to the marathon distance.

In the Philippines our love for running falls under the jurisdiction of Philippine Amateur Track and Field Association PATAFA who shall have its National Open Championships for this year held at Lingayen Pangasinan from May 10-12, 2009 at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center (NRSCC).

It is a GREAT PITY that little to barely minimal media exposure has been provided to this yearly event which is the showcase and breeding ground of upcoming sports elite in the various disciplines of track and field events.

Not only athletes from the different parts of the Philippines shall congregate for the sports fest but the event shall also be attended by foreign athletic teams from Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Brunei, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Hongkong, Singapore to name but a few.

In the field of Racewalking I have four (4) friends who are participating namely;

Saturnino Salazar – 20km walk
Michael Embuedo – 20km walk
Milbert Mabuab – 20km walk
Christian Dalida – 10km walk

(L-R Saturnino Salazar, myself, Milbert Mabuab, Christian Dalida not in the picture is Michael Embuedo)

Three of them will be leaving for Lingayen Pangasinan by noon of 08May09. Saturnino Salazar will only follow in the afternoon of 10May09 as he still has to provide logistical support to the elite runners of Bald Running Team who will be participating in the Botak 42k. This Botak 42K will be a great race being the first full marathon for the year. (You can check details of the event on my 01Apr09 blog Link is herewith provided

These guys have the God given TALENT and DISCIPLINE in the sport they have chosen. But, in the field of sports talent and discipline are but only two of the three components for success. The base of the triangle is SUPPORT both moral and financial in forms. It is in this triangular equation of sports success that most athletes fall short of. On this issue of shortage, much can be done by some of us who are blessed with the means for the base component of the triangle.But at this time I would rather not deal on the subject as the same is varied and complicated.

For now, what we can offer these friends are our prayers best wishes for their success. This is one time the saying “GOD SPEED” is meant by us to you literally.


  1. The Elite Team Bald Runner is very fortunate to have you as the most active supporter in terms of the financial aspect and we are really appreciative of your dedication to support us. How we wish that all corporate executives are like you. God Bless You, Mang Amado!

  2. Dear BR - I am looking forward in seeing you in Los Angeles Marathon. My compliments to you as well for your dedication and contribution to the local running community.

  3. Hello, Mang Amado.

    I'd like to invite you on a 24-hour endurance walk on June 12-13 at Fort Boni. Details at url below.

    This is only a practice but we can make it a competition between us if you like :P

    albert 'run2dmoon'