Monday, May 25, 2009

LA Marathon - Pre Race Update

It is Sunday 24May09 around 8pm and I have already collected my race kit for the LA Marathon which is to start at 7:20am tomorrow 25May09 . I still have about eleven hours from the time I am writing this blog. Again, as with all my previous races, my excitement is getting the better of me that I could just see that I will have a tough night ahead to make a comfortable sleep for the tonight.

I got my customized race shirt and bib this afternoon together with the whole family at the LA Convention Center. God was the place so huge and there was a big running gear exhibit and trade fair which is billed as the biggest in the world for its kind. It a runner’s paradise to the max.

I find it would be wise and proper to check-in at a hotel near the starting area at LA downtown where the start will be at Figueroa and 5th Street in view my daughter’s house is way out in Moreno Valley which is about a good 1.5hrs drive without a traffic.

The timing devise for the race is by a “D-Tag” which is an electronic paper thin device that will not only provide my timing for the race, but, will as well be a system that my family, friends or any person make us to tract my exact position at any given time. An inquiry is send by texting a specific number indicating my bib number and it will answer a text message to the sender my exact position or should by any chance a report update should something happened to me. Great is it not? Why can we not have these technology and efficiency available in our place? As what the young people say “WISH KO LANG”.
I am cutting short this blog to get now my much needed pre-race sleep. Will keep you posted guys!

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  1. Wow,
    another milestone for race walking.
    Keep up the fire burning and train for another race and PR.

    Coach Salazar