Sunday, May 24, 2009

LA Marathon - Carboloading with Bald Runner

It is only two (2) days before the LA Marathon scheduled for 25May09and all training is completed and pre-race carbo loading is the thing at hand. What better way of having one, other than a family/friends get together party. My excuse was a house blessing of my daughter’s new home at Moreno Valley although they have had the house since last November of 2008.

My daughter and son-in-law , being the host invited relatives, friends and officemates. On my part as my own personal guests were Gen. JOVINAL NARCISE (ret) and his son JOHN. Jovy is known better in the local race community as BALD RUNNER, BR or GENERAL.

Do you see the great similarity between father and son? Both shall also be running the LA Marathon therefore, much of our conversation was centred on the different aspects of the marathon. It also gave me the opportunity to discuss matters on race walking and the sports of running in general in metro Manila and on how things could be improved further. I was also able to express to BR my hore that Race Walking in the near future could be promoted in the Philippines and the need to use timing chips in the local oad races to keep up with the world race technology.

Thank you BR for dropping by and I will see you at the starting line on Monday. I am a bit worried as it was not only carbohydrates that I have loaded myself with but wine and liquor as well which is not advisable at this stage of race preparation. True to his form BR just limited himself to carbohydrates.

I wish also to take this opportunity to extend my congratulation to the different race walkers of Team Bald Runner who have shown their talent at the recently concluded the National Open Athletics Invitational Championship held last 10-12 May 2009 at Lingayen, Pangasinan. MIKE EMBUEDO broke the National Record in the 20km walk with the time of 01hr33min50sec breaking the National Record by more than FOUR (4)MINUTES! I hope and pray that PSA will now support Mike in his dreams and inclusion in the Philippine Team. He was the only record braker in the open meet. CHRISTIAN DALIDA finished 3rd in the Juniors 10,000 meters walk. SATURNINO SALAZAR finished 5th, and MILBERT NABUAB 6th place out of 14 starters. Guys you are great!!!


    It means another expossure for Filipino Race walker. Keep up the good work Sir...
    Finish the race at the top of your age group.
    Thank you for the special mention Sir.

    Coach Salazar