Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Takbo.Ph Yearbook 2009 - A Labor Of Love in Running

I have picked-up the Takbo.ph Yearbook 2008 and herewith present it in slide show format with options for download.

This yearbook is a labor of love for the sport. Congratulations to Jinoe, Queenie and all the people of Takbo.ph for a job well done in producing the Yearbook. More important congratulaions is in order for the day to day operation of Takbo.ph who served as the "LINK" to sponsors, race organizers, running clubs, bloggers and those simply who love the sport of running. Takbo.ph you have been a POSITIVE mark in the Philippine Running Community. Continue the work guys!

Click on FULL SCREEN ICON for better viewing


  1. cngratulation for being featured in the 2008 yearbook - patrick concepcion / runningshield

  2. Dear Patrick - Same to you. Your pictures from 7 years old to present speak for itself the years you have spent for the love of the sport. Some people discover the love early others late. I am happy you got the bug early in life.

  3. Thanks for posting this Sir. Will link this one to the website also.

  4. Dear Jinoe - You are doing great Jinoe! Keep the group PRO ACTIVE great asset to the running community.

  5. Thanks for publishing this in your site! It was easier for me to go through the whole masterpiece of Jinoe. I immediately called Queenie to congratulate this dynamic duo for their remarkable dedication to the running community.

    You are an inspiration to every runner. Keep on blogging and running. I haven't been running (and blogging) for some time already and I need all the inspiration I could get to get back in the groove again. Thanks!

    Btw, how would you like to be called? Sir or your nickname which is ... ?

    God bless you and your beautiful family. It would be an honor someday to run with you.

    Nora, the golden girl

  6. Dear Nora - Just call me (as with all others) by my first name Amado. Btw, I have been regularly visiting your blog. Hope to see you on one of the races or just on some casual run someday.

  7. Hi Mr. Amado, I've heard so much about you. We had a group picture together with Team Baldrunner Pacific and Team Hardcore.

    Hope to meet you personally in Masters Run. I'll be the bartender :)