Saturday, May 2, 2009

Race Bibs - What do you do with them?

On every race that you enter yourself into there are two items that goes with your registration (1) a race singlet (most often than not - but there are times than none is issued) and (2) a race bib (which is always issued with no exemption).

Last April 26th, BananaRunning (Bards) came out in her blog “Do you wear the singlets from the road races” and on the same blog she posted a survey regarding the same. The said blog post was also carried and picked up by As of this writing, May 2nd at 1900 hrs the poll result had 97 replies and the following were the tabulated results;

40 votes – I wear them all
44 votes – I wear some of them
13 votes – I never wear them

I am one of the 13 who voted “I never wear them”. So what do I with them? I collect them as a memorabilia. On the same manner I do also collect the RACE BIB for the races that I have joined for the past year and a half.

This is my collection of RACE BIBS-

(click to enlarge image)

For the Race Singlets, they are still neatly tucked in one of my cabinets as I am still trying to figure out a system on how to collect and preserve them.

Maybe I am just sentimental, but, those race bibs and singlets have their own individual story to tell.

How about you, what have you done to your race bibs?


  1. That's a great collage of race memorabilia! I agree with you regarding bibs/singlets individual stories to tell. I have my race bibs kept in a box (I would like to put them in an scrapbook with a corresponding anecdote). You can have your most memorable singlet/s framed (just like the jerseys NBA teams retire and hang in their arenas) or have all of them sewn together like a quilt

  2. Dear Ray - Thanks for the idea. As for the singlets I would not like to discriminate on any particular singlet so the best alternative is probably just place them in a "hanger" and store them in one particulr cabinet.