Sunday, June 5, 2011

AKTV RUN = Launching A Sports Block Timer

When running begun its resurgence sometime in 2007, it was ABS-CBN (channel 2) who first made use of the running events to jump start its social/corporate advocacy in getting funds and public awareness in the likes of environment, Pasig river, education and the likes. Then GMA (channel 7) joined the bandwagon in sponsoring running events for its social projects as well.

Now not to be out done ABC (channel 5) in partnership with IBC (channel 13) has launched its AKTV a “block timer” which will cater to Filipino sports enthusiast, health buffs and those who live an active lifestyle. I hope AKTV will be a success in the future to be able to address the Filipino hunger is sports coverage.

It is to drum beat the launching of AKTV that the AKTV RUN was held today at the Mall Of Asia (MOA) covering 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k run categories. For the race event the sponsors tapped the services of RunRio who did an excellent job (as always) in conducting the race procedures. A minor problem of the event that I do take note was the late delivery of race packets which I do not know to what or to whom it could be attributed to. Claiming of race packets was still being done minutes before the start of the races. Anyways, other than this problem the event was a bid success with 6000+ runners participated for the different categories (data announced by the emcee prior to gun start). There were even numerous sports activities held after the actual races to highlight different sports to the trill of the public.

Again, it was a great Sunday morning. The weather was cooperative although as expected during this time of the year it was hot and humid all throughout the race. My 10k unofficial time was 01h18m02s.

To AKTV we look forward to quality sports broadcasting and wishing you all the best.

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