Monday, May 30, 2011

Venice Piazza McKinley Hills - Arias On Sunday Evenings

It has been more or less a rule of the thumb for my family that we have a family dinner or lunch once a week together with my sons and my grandchildren.  This family eat-out is normally done either dinner on a Saturday or a lunch on a Sunday.

However, lately I have accidentally discovered a relaxing place which is at VENICE PIAZZA at MCKINLEYHILLS wherein you could have a dinner “alfresco” on any of the restaurants at Venice Piazza. So since March of this year the place has been our nest every Saturday evenings. The place was perfect, your choice of good food from any of the different restaurants (I prefer KUSE and OLD VINE) , a cool breeze and open air for my grandchildren to play around while the adults discuss family matters.

I have not before considered Sunday dinner as I would like to have an early night on Sundays to be ready again for Monday work. However, by accident one Sunday evening last April due to some reasons the family instead had a Sunday dinner at Venice Piazza and to my surprise I found out that there were two performers (husband and wife) rendering ARIAS, Broadway songs, ballads and even Tagalog Kundiman music which were not only good but magnificently performed with great soprano voices performed in the middle of the piazza. To add a make believe Italian scenery, they have real painters whom you could commission (for a fee – I already had mine and my wife done) to draw you on the spot. There are also around six supposedly Italian ladies (third sex) dressed in ballroom costumes moving about the piazza with two or three pantomime performers to create that make believe Italian scenery. The whole performance is open to the public so it does not necessarily will cost you any. To attest to how good these performers are I have been back trice already.
The performance starts at 8pm and usually last for an hour an a half. I highly recommend the place to any family, those who are on date or even on your own to visit Venice Piazza every Sunday evening for a relaxing evening that would guarantee you all refreshed to begin your Monday work schedule.

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