Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brooks Run Happy - A Happy Run Just Delayed

When I registered to participate at the “Brooks Run Happy” I did not have much of an expectation. However, when I received my singlet I was surprised and impressed of the quality that was provided. It was made by Brooks itself in which I think only Adidas does the same on their sponsored runs while others use independent suppliers for their singlet to cut on cost.  Further, a couple of weeks prior the race it was announced that a “finisher’s medal” will be provided. It was then that I had the feeling that the sponsor and organizer where serious in making the event a success.

On race day, I and my son Dennis arrived the venue at Bonifacio Global City (BGC) at 5am hoping to catch our 10k start time at 5:40am. Just after parking my car I was impressed on the brilliance on how the singlet fitted the participants that were also arriving.

At 5:10am participants for the 15k event where already called to check-in themselves at the starting coral. At 5:30am, 15k runners where already excited to start the run, however, due to unexplained reasons the two emcees where playing with words and trying to stretch time as much as possible hoping to hear their cue from the organizers to start the race. It was only at around 5:50am or 20 minutes delay that 15k runners were gunned-off. No actual reason was provided but according to grapevine it was due to delay in the positioning of water station along the route (not verified).

At around 6:00am the 10k runners were started. No untoward incident was experienced thereon and I would say the event run well. Having said this I would like to say that the Brooks Run Happy was also a Happy Run. Two possible improvement in the future the organizers should consider, first is the delay in the start-up which if it was true that the reason for the delay in positioning of water station, then the second point of improvement is also of the water station in the manner they were arranged to service runners (square table instead of long table to avoid congestion). I think the organizers better review and assess their water station suppliers and attendants for the negative side of the race. Otherwise, the event was worth your time, money and effort.

Brooks Run Happy was a Happy Run. It was just delayed.

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