Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sixty Years and Running

Today May 3rd I just turned 60 years old! 

When I woke up today at 4am I was feeling too lazy for my usual morning run so it took me about 15 minutes laying half asleep contemplating either to run or not. Luckily I was able to muster enough determination and standup from bed and dress and head my way to Bonifacio Global City. (BGC)

I have done this ritual for countless times, however, as I started my usual 10k run a crazy idea crossed my mind and told myself to play a game of recollection on the 60 years that I have had. I decided then that for each kilometer of run I will think of a six (6) year segment in my life. For the first two (2) kilometers 0-12 years old I had difficulty in remembering people and events that crossed my life. However from 3-4 kilometers or 13-24 years old there were so many nostalgic moments to remember, so many first things in life, love, high school and college days, I think I run this segment without too much effort not noticing that I have already completed 4km. As much as I wanted to dealt more on my hay days I need to proceed on the next stage 5-6 kilometers or 25-36 years old it was a life dedicated primarily for marriage, family, work not necessarily in that order and the different events that helped me establish my name in my chosen profession. Kilometer 7-8 or 36-48 was my mastery years in my profession and my private life, children getting married and enjoying the fruits of hardship. 8-9 kilometer of 48-54 was quite recent that it was not difficult to remember people and events and it was in this period that I was best in my golf game lowering my handicap to 9 (now its a miserable 21). Then finally 9-10 kilometers or 54-60 years I more or less was recollecting on when and how I took up running/race walking and the different events that I have joined since 2007 and the total distance I have logged since then. With so many things going into my mind I was back were I started and have already completed 10.20km. This was my 10km run in which I tried to recall people, events, places and what have you in the 60 years in my life.

I am having mixed feelings being 60 yrs. old. I do not feel I am 60 but I am really 60 and starting to have memory problem, body aches, erectile dysfunction and becoming more and more nostalgic and emotional in my life. They say age comes with wisdom, knowledge and achievements, but, I would not mind trading half of the good things that I have in exchange for a quarter of years of youth. But then again its just wishful thinking!

God I am old and I hate myself when I see 18-20 yera old girls noisy and enjoying themselves without care for the future. I could still remember in my youth that although I had not much money, I was able to enjoy life and hope that someday I have money to spend and enjoy more. God, now that I have money, I no longer have the youth to enjoy the good things in life. The Lord Almighty I think made sure that you cannot have both at the same time otherwise there will be chaos in this life of mine.

As a crowning glory for my 60th years, I have today obtained my SENIOR CITIZEN ID CARD and with all the accompanying booklets. Now I can watch free movie every Monday, and 20% percent on most of everything. (how I wish I get as well a 20% discount for my age .. 48 yrs na lang) So those of you who wish to invite for a meal, from hereon will be a good time!

I take this opportunity to thank all the people that has crossed my life in my 60 years. I will not name you one by one but you know very well who you are. I thank God for giving me as well the opportunity to be part of the lives of other people. In the end I pray that as I travel to my 7th decade in life, health, wealth and love (not in that order) will shine to my setting days in this world.


  1. Happy Birthday, Amado! Welcome to the world of the SC and enjoy your SC card. Based on your active/healthy lifestyle, you are now one of the few "60 is the new 40".
    God Bless and may you run many more miles.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sir Amado! As endurance athletes, we don't realize that we have found in ourselves the elusive "fountain of youth". let us maintain the discipline we have been doing everyday so that we can enjoy our life and the...SC Card!!! More power to you!

  3. Hello Sir Amado!

    Congratulations, you are now a "dual citizen" - Filipino and Senior citizen!

    See you on the road!

    Ray Abenojar

  4. @daytripper1021 @Arthur @Bald Runner @Ray Abenojar - Thank you very much guys! Your greetings makes the event more special.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Sir Amado! More power to you! God bless!