Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 - A View From The Side Line

Sometime beginning March when I decided to participate at the Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 schedule for April 11, 2010 the registration for both the 15km and 10km were all filled up leaving only the 5km open for registration even a month prior to the event. I then decided to instead participate in the event as an spectator which will give me a rare opportunity to watch a race event on the side line.

As a spectator and part of those on the side line, I will not be commenting on how the race event was conducted but would instead wish to share three very important observations I have noticed that certain runners might find wisdom and correct their actions on future race event they might intend to participate.

(1) Running as a "Bandit"

The Infinity Run 2010 was a very well participated event. I just do not know what was the total number of participants on the three race categories, but, as I watched the wave of people that passed by where I was positioned (along Rizal Drive) it is safe to say that the event reached its maximum attendance. However, it was sad to take note that as you see runners duly registered with race bibs, there were as well a good number of runners running "without race bibs" which can only be assumed as "bandit runners". The Race Marshals even had a difficult time to weed out runners without race bibs and instruct them not to enter the finish line chute as it was only for the duly registered runners. The scene was quite embarrassing. Running is FREE but entry and running in a race event is NOT FREE. We could always run the same route as the race, but, we can always do so at some other time.

(2) Race Bibs To Be Pinned in FRONT Of Runners Singlet or Shorts

Watching the Race Marshals identify "bandit runners" approaching the finish line, they have called the attention of runners without race bibs to leave the chute and there were about twenty or so runners that either had their bib numbers at the back or even some had there numbers in their pockets. Wearing a race bib properly is one of the basic responsibility of a runner its position is in FRONT and visible at all times.

(3) Bringing a PET DOG To A Race Event

As a general rule it is not the proper venue nor the proper event to bring your pet dog to a race event. You might be attached so much to your pet, but, again there is a proper time and place to show off, exercise and train your dog. Definitely a Race Event is not the right place and time. There was a 5km runner who did so and even passed and entered the finish line chute. Surprisingly, the race marshals were stunned that before they could do something the runner with his dog were on their way to cross the finish line. On this issue, I would put more the blame to the organizers why such an incident did happen.

The above are but only minor observations which unless you are on the sideline you will not have the opportunity nor time to take notice.

I wish to share hereunder pictures during the race. From the sideline the Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 was a great success.


  1. Very important observations that could only have come from the vantage point of an spectator! BTW, included you in my blogroll Sir...Please feel free to include mine ( in yours..Thanks a lot.

  2. Dear TSR - Thanks for dropping by and including my blog in your roll. Have as well included yours in mine. See you in the road!

  3. Hi Sir Amado I saw you on the Buendia Flyover as I was making my way up km3 (I was running 10k). Next time sesenyas na lang ako para maganda ang pose for the pic. hehehe.

    see you at the races po!

  4. Just give me a sign! BTW congratulations for your new 10k PR.