Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Getting Back On the Right Track

Vacation time is over! Back to reality! these are only but two phrases that we usually utter after long days of vacations. As we dread to go back to our individual endeavors in life, it is more difficult to revert to our usual physical workouts, exercises and daily runs and fight the temptation of laziness.

While I was able to run last Saturday and Sunday at the Fort, my state of mind would not accept them as getting back on my daily routine as these were still days during vacations. Therefore when Monday came I told myself that this will be the day to return to my daily morning run. But it was not meant to be. I was still suffering from the hang-over of the vacation and the mental pressure of rising in bed and putting on your running gears was too much for my corporal body. I eventually ended up returning to bed and giving in to the temptation of laziness.

Today, Tuesday I promised myself to fight the temptation. At 4am my alarm clock sounded and after taking my daily reading of blood pressure and blood sugar I immediately dressed up and proceeded to PSC Sports Arena (Ultra Oval) which is my usual daily venue for my run. At 4:41am I started my run, the first few steps were the heaviest, but, as you get into the groove, things became routine and just like a hamster it took me 25 laps to attain 10.32km distance running 75% at lane no.3. Details of my run as as follows;

Now I am back on the right track....... morning runs at the Ultra Oval.

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