Monday, July 12, 2010

MILO To Investigate And Address Issues On Cheating

The week following the completion of the 34th Milo Marathon Manila Elimination, there were numerous blog postings that mainly dealt with CHEATING. The posting particularly at was complete with photographs. There were even very comprehensive analysis and observations from different bloggers. To top matters, POSTED COMMENTS on the different blog postings were equally informative and enlightening.

I have no personal knowledge nor observation of these CHEATERS, but, am very much concern on the matter as SPORTS is synonymous to HONESTY and FAIR PLAY. Milo is also an institution in local running, so much so that it was only proper to bring the matter direct to the attention of the Milo Executive Team.

On 10July2010, I sent the following email message to Mr. Pat Goc-ong, Mr. Andrew Neri and Mr. Lester Castillo. 

Dear Pat, Andrew and Lester,

Allow me first to congratulate the whole Milo Team for the successful event held last Sunday, 4July10. It was something for the books. For your (MILO) social commitment and dedication, thank you for giving joy to the Filipino runners throughout these years.

I am writing you this email for the reasons that Milo Marathon is close to my heart. A week after the race in Manila there had been many blogs posted in the net about CHEATING during the race. Allow me to provide to you the following links;

Not only were the different blog posted very enlightening, but, equally informative are the different comments posted by the readers of the blogs. Milo has and is investing not only its financial resources but its talents, corporate culture and dedication to attain the premier position in the field of sports. Unfortunately, a small number of people has tarnished your great event with CHEATING. 

For the above reason, and knowing that SPORTS is synonymous to HONESTY of which what you would like to inculcate to the Filipino people, I hope that your executive team would make a formal investigation of the observations/allegations and provide an official action, sanctions and corrective measures. It is in my opinion that Milo should address the issue head on and provide a press release on the matter so that the general public will be assured that not only is MILO making use of sports to built people, but, honesty and integrity is the very foundation in sports as in life itself. Further, MILO will not tolerate any form of cheating to ensure credibility and integrity in its events.

The Manila elimination is but only the first of the series that you have in the table. Your immediate and direct action now will greatly help the coming regional elimination in cleansing the races of would be cheaters.

Again, my congratulations to Milo for its continued support to the Filipino runners. 


On 11July2010, the following reply was received from Mr. Andrew Neri

Thank you Mr. Amado. We will be releasing our official statement after thorough investigation next week. This will be dealt with utmost attention as suggested.  

andrew neri 
MILO Sports Events

I have full trust and confidence that MILO will act on the matter fairly, swiftly and with justice to all runners.

Let us await there formal reply on the matter.


  1. i really appreciate your initiative on this matter. yes, you are right. MILO needs to publish its official statement on this issue of cheating. such act runs counter to the values being promoted by MILO. nice post!

  2. You should be commended for your concern on runners who cheated in the 34th Milo Marathon, Manila Eliminations. On the other hand, how can you (and other bloggers) address problems on race organizers who are, incompetent, inefficient and irresponsible.

  3. This is a great post Sir and thank you for your initiative! We all love this sport and as such we want to keep it clean by discouraging cheaters. The MILO finals surely wouldn't be as interesting to spectate if we know many of the participants just cheated their way to it. Thank you MILO as well for looking into the matter.

    - dhenz

  4. @BR - Thanks. Yes, Milo do have the responsiblity.

    @Arthur - Salamat.

    @Anonymous - Always look at the position/good side of any person/organization. Do not lose hope and surrender. Change for good/betterment will come when addressed positively.

    @RunningPinoy - Denhz your blog posted on the matter was great complete with statistical figures. Your blog post was one of those that awaken the readers on the issue, thanks to you.

  5. humihingi ako ng tawag sa lahat sa milo marathon ako po si miguel de leon na pinatakbo ko ang race bib ko ako na lang parusahan ninyo huwag na po ung nagtakbo ng bib ko patad milo runner at lalo na sa organiser nangangako ako na di na mauulit nanghinayang po ako dahil mahirap na buhay lang kami inaamin ko po ang aking ginawa ako na lang parusahan ninyo hwag na ipublis ung nagtakbo patad po.....