Monday, July 26, 2010 RUNFEST - Celebration Of Running And Others

When scheduled their 2nd anniversary run “RUNFEST – Celebrate Running” months ago, I made sure that my schedule would allow me to be able to attend the event. has been close to my heart and I consider myself part of the community.

However, just a few days before the event I was confronted with the issue if I will be participating on 10k running event or be on the service team (as I have been requested by Jinoe to provide a Drum and Lyre Band) for the RUNFEST.

Wanting to accomplish both, I decided to do my actual running a day before the RUNFEST, which was last Saturday 24Jul2010. I memorized the published 10k route and did my simulated run which I was able to record in my Garmin 405 which I completed in 01h23m04sec for a distance of 10.62km (the over distance logged was due to retreated starting/finish line, u-turn difference both sides of 38th street and my crisscrossing of lanes. The following was my goggle map for the run;

On the day of the RUNFEST itself I still came in my running attire hoping that I will be able to assemble the Rum and Lyre Band prior the race and join the 10k run. I arrive the venue at 5:00am giving myself enough time to go around and socialize before the set time of 5:30am to assemble the band. However, at 5:45 I was in contact with the band manager on to find out that they have been caught by the MMDA for a “Out of Line” violation of their jeepney transport. At 5:55 the band finally arrived and it took us only 3 minutes to unload their gears and start playing the music at 5:59am just a minute prior to the starting gun. Wow, it was a photo finish! It was a great scare for me, but I only hope that the band was able to provide the additional encouragement and festive mood to the runners and the RUNFEST itself.

With nothing much to do, I then shifted mode as a cheerer to encourage runners as they pass 28th Street and 12th Avenue. I could just imagine the feeling of each runner, IT IS SO NEAR BUT SO FAR, to instead of directly turning right and head to the finish line, to proceed straight further to 12th Avenue and do a U-turn and traversing back before turning right at 28th street for the finish line. This has a great psychological effect. Anyways, I think in our small ways with some support group assigned in the place, much encouragement was provided to the runners. The feeling experienced by us is priceless.

To Jinoe and the group who were part of the organizing committee for the RUNFEST, thank you guys for your great effort and tireless deeds. There might be some issues on the delivery and unclaimed race packets, but, what can be done has been done and now only hope that next time a solution will be made. Thank you again to all efforts.

I wish to share herewith photos taken during the RUNFEST. Please feel free to grab what you like. (just click on the picture for enlarged view)

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  1. Hi Sir Amado. Thank you once again for being part of the celebration. Hopefully next year, we can both run this race. :D