Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rexona Run 2010 - Worth My Time And Money

The Rexona Run 2010 was held today 01Aug10 with 9200 participants an overwhelming success in another continuing local road race saga in the country.

The registration fee for the Rexona Run 2010 is one of the most expensive if not the most expensive (so far). However, even prior to the race itself, local runners are already wise and educated runners that they are willing to invest hard earned money for their personal enjoyment and fitness. The registration turnout would attest to this.

Race day came and Coach Rio did not disappoint majority if not all registered runners. From registration to the actual race day operation it was worth the money. D-tag was used for the first time locally as timing device for all distances. There were ample marshals, portalets, service teams, an organized loot bag distribution, safety and medical assistance, festive booths, and a medal for 21k finishers. But one very peculiar thing I would like to highlight during the Rexona Run was the supply of hydration fluid, there were ample supply of bottled water (cold at that – in a very unique packaging) as well as Powerade sports drinks. I even had the luxury to make use of the bottled water to dowse myself at every water station I passed particularly from 14k onwards to 21k which was very helpful indeed.

With the above observations, I think Filipino people are ready to part with their hard earned cash provided that they get the best service there is. It is also this very fundamental reason that all high end malls, stores, restaurants, hotels, concerts or what have you that are being patronized despite of the hard times.  

Bottom line, quality do cost money, but cost alone does not necessarily equate to quality service. 

So runners, be diligent and do your assignment before registering in a road race. RunRio I think is one of those that can be trusted. 


  1. it's about time that we should be proud to have a world class race in the country. it did not happen overnight but it took coach rio to experience himself running a half-marathon race in california and finishing the boston marathon with a respectable finish time. if a race organizer/race director is not a competitive runner, it follows that his race has a big chance of committing lapses/mistakes in providing support services to its runner-participants. nice post!

  2. I agree Sir Amado. Btw, it was nice seeing you yesterday.


  3. @cathyssy - Thanks for dropping by.

    @BR - your comments are highly appreciated. Words of wisdom from someone who walks the talk. Hope to see you back in the Manila soon.

    @Joy - You are becoming stronger. 21K is now a regular thing for you. Wish all the best.