Monday, August 9, 2010

Cross Training With Golf

With no road race scheduled last weekend in Metro Manila, I decided instead to play the game that was once the center of my sports life GOLF.

It has been three years now that golf has taken a backstage in my sports life after having picked up running/race walking. Not that I have totally abstained myself from the game, it is just that while I use to play six times a week, now it is about once a month only. Running/race walking has taken my time five times a week, at least.

Last Saturday 07Aug10, I was back at the greens at Tagaytay Highlands with my regular golf buddies. Having not much of a practice, I had to make a hard negotiation for handicap index with my playing buddies. As the game moved on, I found myself to have better stamina and concentration. However, there is no denying that I have lost my crucial short game and touch due to lack of constant practice. After 18 holes, I submitted a 16 over par game not my usual good game, but, good enough to win me the bets amongst us. Moreover, it has given me the confidence that I still can manage a decent game. But, what is astonishing is that I can walk the course even how hilly it was, which unlike before I need a golf cart to ensure I will be able to last the 18 holes.

To my golf buddies, Nonoy Carpio and Jimmy Lardizabal, I guess a "Thank You" is in order for your “donations” that I shall now make use as registration fee in my next 10 road races! I guess a golfer/runner combination will be your waterloo. 

I had a great time guys and the bragging rights at that!

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