Monday, August 30, 2010

1st Malacca International 12 Hour Walk - Dec. 11-12, 2010

Today 30Aug10, I received an email from Mr. KHOO CHONG BENG, Deputy President of RACE WALKERS ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA extending their invitation to foreign participants for the 1ST MALACCA INTERNATIONAL 12 HOUR WALK 2010 which is scheduled to be held at St. Paul’s Hill A-Famosa Malacca Malaysia from 8pm of 11Dec10 until 8am of 12Dec10.

It was in September of 2008 that I was introduced by email to Mr. Khoo Chong Beng by Capt. Ferdinand Espejo who coaxed me to participate in a 12 Hour Race Walking which eventually I did participated the 1st Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk 2008 on 13-14 December 2008. I officially completed the Men’s Category 12 hour event at 45th place completing 62 km out of 263 competing men from Malaysia, Belgium, Ghana, Singapore, Hongkong, Japan and Philippines (solely represented by me). There were as well 175 registered female participants so its open to both gender.

I would like to encourage walkers, runners and those who are looking for a great adventure to try this 12 Hour Walk. The Rules and Regulations for the event is quite simple. The race circuit is a 1km loop. All participants starts on a Saturday at 8pm and last until 8am the following day. You CANNOT RUN/JOG but can only WALK ( there will be judges along the loop either to penalize or DQ a participant for violation) during the 12 hour period it is up to you when to take your rest, eat, drink, relieve yourself or just take a sleep rest. Each participant has a timing chip and every 2 hours a distance summary for each individual participant is posted in the track.  The event is of endurance and stamina and how to keep yourself awake during the night. To add trill you continue walking even if it rains (which normally it does). 

With cheap airfare between Manila and Kuala Lumpur either by Cebu Pacific or between Clark and KL via Tiger Airways the event is great incentive to participate. Those interested can download Entry Form which provides even early bird discounts.

What are you waiting for?

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