Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Camsur Marathon 2010 - Travel Arrangement

It was as early as June 25, 2020 when I first blogged “The Camsur Marathon 2010 – Registered and Race Packet Issued”  to show my excitement and anticipation for this coming event. And now with only over a fortnight to go travel arrangement for the family needs to be finalized.

In the past month or so, accidents involving BUS TRANSPORTATION has been hugging the local headlines causing numerous death to passengers. Needless to say, there is still that much talked about BUS HOSTAGE CRISIS last 23Aug10. I do not know for whatever reason but INCIDENT/ACCIDENT involving public bus transportation doesn’t favor the present local travel scene. With this at the back of my mind, I tried to consider other alternatives as air travel or driving owns transport to Camsur. However, economics, practicality and convenience still tip in favor of bus transportation by a great margin.

The Camsur website provided me with a list of different Bus Companies (Penafrancia, Isarog Bus Lines, and Philtranco) that run a regular service from Manila to Naga. After much consideration, I decided on using PENAFRANCIA TOURS  for their Lazy Boy Coach which on the Camsur website showed to cost P750/passenger. However, the messenger whom I asked to buy me the ticket at their terminal in Cubao QC called me that the cost for one way travel is P980/passenger. According to the bus company, the P750 was only a promotional price when Camsur was still beginning their operation, but, now that they have a lot of tourist and the place is well established they have gone back/increased to P980. Another issue I was confronted was that they would not sell return ticket in Cubao as return tickets need to be purchased only from their point of destination (Naga) to avoid double/over booking of bus seats. Anyways, solution need to be done so I tried to find a friend who knows a friend who lives in Naga and buy our return ticket in Naga so I can be assured that my family has a definite return date. This I am still in the process of finalizing. Those who may want to consider the same travel arrangement may want to visit the website of PENAFRANCIA TOURS complete with video and details of where to get their tickets.

With race packets issued, accommodations arranged (Mansion Suites)  and onward travel tickets issued (PENAFRANCIA TOURS) I am on my way to CAMSUR MARATHON  schedule for September 26, 2010.


  1. thanks sir. very informative & useful. i'll be travelling & running in naga for the 1st time.

  2. Have fun on your vacation/run in Camarines Sur. I sent the information/links to my sons for possible venue of my 40 years wedding anniversary and 70th birthday.