Friday, June 25, 2010

The CamSur Marathon 2010 - Registered and Race Packet Issued

The CAMSUR MARATHON 2010 “Race To Rebuild The Nation” will be on September 26, 2010. With Coach Rio De la Cruz as Race Director and having partnered with the province of Camarines Sur under Governor LRay Villafuerte this event is something to look forward to. The former being a no nonsense race organizer who has a good track record of delivering good service to the running community and the latter being an energetic and action man provincial executive who has made CamSur Watersports Complex a world class venue and has put the place in the map of the world for sports enthusiasts and a tourist destination. With the reputation of both the gentlemen, this is a marriage made in heaven. Over and above the event is an IAAF recognized event making it a “world-class event”.

With the above reasons, I have calendared the date as well to be our family bonding time wherein I have entered myself and my daughter-in-law PAM for the 21km event and my wife HERMIE and sons DAX and DENNIS for the 5km event.

Yesterday with even more than 3 months before the event, I have received by delivery the race packet for all the family members. The packet consisted of the usual singlet (very good quality), race bib and the timing mechanism – the D-Tag.

I have in the past been blogging and wishing that this mechanism be used instead of the championship chip to be at par with practically all races abroad. Needless to say not only is the mechanism good but will bring down the COST. I am not sure if in the past there had been races that the D-Tag been used locally, but, I am very happy that Coach Rio has again stepped forward to improve the local race scenario.

I am posting herewith the D-Tag instructions flyer as issued by RUNRIO. The instruction is in English as well as Tagalog. Great! No excuse not to understand.

After coming back from my USA vacation, I saw Coach Rio at the Ultra during one of my daily runs and he provided to me where I could book my family at CamSur. For those of you who intend to join the CamSur Marathon 2010, the sports complex itself (CWC) are offering varied types of accommodations of one’s choice and budget needs. It was only after I have done my booking accommodations that I found out that the whole complex itself and all the facilities thereat at are owned by the provincial government (I have to remit 50% of my accommodation in advance payable to the provincial treasury of Camarines Sur). Please check here for accommodations

With three months more to go, I strongly suggest to the running community to join this event. See you at CamSur on September 26, 2010.


  1. thanks for the detailed information about the marathon race, most especially on the accommodation. i hope to bring the whole team to this race. see you soon!

  2. Nice to know the D-tag will be in use locally in KL, they will use the same timing mechanism thru ChronoTrack in tomorrow's marathon...Thanks for the CamSur race info...

  3. Dear BR - My best wishes to all the Team Bald Runners! I hope you get the podium finishes.

    Dear SR - The D-Tag is more or less the norm Internationally. Good Luck to you!