Thursday, June 17, 2010

San Diego Rock & Roll Half Marathon 2010

San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon and Half Marathon was the main highlight for my 2010 vacation. I originally registered for the full marathon, however, when April came I was advised by my doctors to go on easy on my running considering I already have three stents in my heart and that I am not getting any younger. After much consideration, I opted to prolong my remaining running life and concentrate from hereon half marathon distances the most.

On 04Jun10 at 3pm the family left Moreno Valley for San Diego which is only about an hour and a half drive. It was decided after check-in the hotel to devote the remainder of the day in shopping and schedule the race packet collection the following day.

On 05Jun10 at 11am we left for San Diego International Convention Center where the race packet collection was designated by the race organizers. Arriving at the venue, it was like as easy as ABC and the procedure was so organize which again makes me envious of how they could do such orderliness which unfortunately we can not do in our local races. The expo exhibit was well participated by so many product makers in the running industry and any avid running enthusiast will have a field day just to go through and window shop on each booth of the exhibitors.

On race day 06Jun10, I was already awake at 4:00am and I have to ask my son-in-law ALEX to drive me to the starting point which was at 6th Street and Palm at Balboa Park. The place was only about a couple of miles from our hotel. The event was a point to point meaning the starting line will be different from the finishing line. There were about 50 corral assignments for different runners and mistakenly I was assigned to corral number 1 which is for the elite runners as my projected half marathon time was mistaken for a full marathon time. On this occasion, I could at least brag that I started with the elite runners.

At exactly 6:15am the starting gun was sounded and off goes more than 20,000 runners for both full and half marathon. For the 1st 8km the route was shared by both categories (Full and Half) thenafter both separated only to rejoin on same route at the 18km for the half and at the 39km for the full marathon. The route was great and the weather was equally warm and cooperative. The finish line was at the SEA WORLD which was very isolated and parking was restricted to all, but, a shuttle service and tramp/train was provided by the organizers for family members, others and participants to and from their place of parking of city proper itself.

How did I perform in my event? Well, these two photos will describe more or less the event for me in total.

After crossing the finish line there were more than ample freebees and recovery food and drinks available to the choosing of the runners.

The event culminates my running adventures for my 2010 USA vacation and I should be back to reality (Manila) on 13Jun10. I wish to take this opportunity to thank my son-in-law ALEX CORONEL for being patient to drive me during my vacation and particularly during my running adventures. Of course, to my daughter DAWN as well, you made me a proud father.

I do also thank Marvin Ruiz for our hotel accommodation in Palm Spring, Bernie and Roselyn Carpio and a happy graduation to their children Bernard and Lauren, Art and Lucy Laforteza of Long Beach, Tony and Malou Lareza of San Jose and their daughter Loubelle and Eric Bourdon, Louann/ Bryan Pilien, Noel and Carmina Torres of San Francisco, Winnie Monasterio and her daughters Sherry, Michelle and Bloom of Brea, Dave Snyder of Inland Empire Racewalkers of Riverside, the friends and office mates of Alex and Dawn. To all you guys thank you for taking time in receiving me and my family.

Thank you all.


  1. What a way to conclude your vacation/running adventures in the States. The pictures said it all the excitement in running the event. Congratulations, Amado!

    It's a pleasure meeting and running with you. Hopefully, we can run at BR BM in 2011.

  2. Im happy you had a wonderfull vacation and to top it all you got to run / race in san diego. fantastic. pasalubong :-). just kidding. regards

  3. Dear Arthur - am looking forward to see you in Manila next year. Soonest Condura opens theior registration for 2011 Iill have you registered.

    Dear Patrick - Thank you. BTW Arthur the SeniorRunner is looking forward to join the 2011 Condura he is from Long Beach CA.