Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Crossing The Golden Gate Bridge

One of the highlights of my US vacation this year is my dream to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. It was therefore a loving request of mine to my daughter DAWN to bring me to San Francisco for the Memorial weekend,

On 30May10, the family drove from Moreno Valley all the way to San Francisco using the scenic Interstate 1 for a leisurely drive of 9 hours to cover about 500 miles. We arrived at ARGONAUT HOTEL at about 7pm tired but excited. I personally selected our hotel, as it is very conveniently located at Jefferson Street along the FISHERMAN’S WHARF where I intend to start my run to Golden Gate Bridge.

After a very limited sleep, I was all excited to wake up at 4:00am on 31May10 and did all my usual morning rituals and make my last minute plans. The temperature outside was a moderate 13C and was a welcome sign for a good running weather condition. I was debating with myself if I will bring my usual OLYMPUS TOUCH 8000 but after much thinking I decided to use instead my Canon EOS 7D, a very bulky and heavy camera. I no alternative but to sacrifice the added weight to carry while running and in exchange for quality pictures. Lastly,I have to go through my notes and familiarize myself of the streets and turns to take of the selected route which was to take me all the way to destination.

At 5:47am I started my run. After just 2 kilometers I was beginning to experience the difficulty and inconvenience of the DSLR camera strapped in my back. It was also an alien feeling to stop every now and then to take pictures. It was then that I told myself to just enjoy the run and the scenery and take good photos during the run and forget about the time. The main goal was cross the bridge and enjoy the scenery and document the run in film.

With street notes and an improvised map, I successfully found myself at the entry gate for pedestrians who wish to cross the bridge. The feeling was great and I took the time to thank God of his blessings to be able to do this run. The scenery was clear of fog picture perfect in deed. When I reached the middle of the bridge I called by son-in-law ALEX and woke him up from the hotel just to tell him I was at the GOLDEN DATE BRIDGE. Afterwards, I called my son DAX who was in Manila. Upon reaching the opposite side of the bridge, I then decide to concentrate in running and race walking back to the hotel having already done most of my picture taking on the outbound route.

At about 9:10am I was back at Argonaut Hotel for a distance run of 18.01km which took me 02h38m49s and burning 1146Kcal.

It was a dream come true for me and I wish to thank my daughter DAWN for being generous and willing to his old mans wishes. I have crossed the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.

I herewith provide linkage to pictures taken during the run. (I now do not regret the difficulty to run with DSLR camera in you back which has given me great pictures.

Linkage to Pictures


  1. sir amado, were you able to experience the strong wind while running at the GG Bridge? if you notice those mountains on your background, those will be my "target" place to run in the future. as usual, the experience is priceless! nice pictures! good luck on your SD R&R Half-Marathon.

  2. Dear BR - I was lucky the wind was not strong during my run. I was also fortunate that the usual fog has not set in, however, in the afternoon of the same day the wind was so strong and very cold.

  3. Hi Amado!! -- Thanks for sharing your running adventure with us. Viewing those pictures made me feel like I was running with you.

    Maybe someday we can do Mt. Diablo. Good luck this Sunday. Are you running with Elvis hairdo?

  4. how was the run? was it windy?some say the bridge is an uphill run at both ways. i am just as excited as i will be running the san francisco marathon this july!

  5. Nice photographs indeed Sir Amado! Can't wait to snap some myself during the SFM this July...though I've been to SF countless times, crossed the GG on foot only once...some 20 years ago! Looking forward the the second foot crossing already!

  6. ur doing good amading..just make up the most of it. how about a test run from vancouver bc to
    whistler..from R.Madrid