Thursday, June 10, 2010

Embarcadero Run In San Francisco

It has been more than a week since my last blog posting and so many things had happen since then. The schedule had been so hectic that I had little time even for myself. However, it is now again time to write on the thing that had transpired since my crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The day after my crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge or June 1st 2010 to be exact was also the same day that we were to checkout from our hotel and depart San Francisco and head for San Jose to meet up with friends. Meantime, I have to take the opportunity for another run about in San Francisco area and what better place to do that than do the EMBARCADERO RUN.

As with the previous day, I started my run at ARGONAUT HOTEL which was conveniently located at Jefferson Street and just opposite the FISHERMAN’S WHARF going to Embarcadero street and all the way to ATT PARK which is the home of the San Francisco Giants passing along the way under the BAY BRIDGE and then returning back to the hotel. The distance was a good 10.53km and took me on a leisurely race walk mode in 01h16m46s on a very cold 11C morning.

Next stop will be Pismo Beach in central California.


  1. Amado ... You should get the San Francisco Half Marathon finisher medal. Crossing the Golden Bridge and the Embarderro Run is the route of the SF 1st half marathon. Nice shot of the Bay Bridge.

  2. arthur is right! maybe, your next target will be the SF Marathon or the SF Half-Marathon. any chance you met with wayne in SF? nice pictures!

  3. Dear Arthur - Thanks for the info did not know that.

    Dear BR- Thanks BR hopefully and God be willing.