Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pismo Beach - Something To Remember

On 02Jun10 we left San Jose and was supposed to head home at Moreno Valley, however, it was decided by the family to deviate and spend a night at Pismo Beach.

This decision later on I will appreciate for the duration of the vacation. We arrived at the Pismo Beach Lighthouse Hotel at about 2:30pm and this majestic view welcomed us from the balcony of our room-

What a scenic view of the Pacific Ocean and miles and miles of beach coast to run. This time, I had to excuse myself from whatever the family has planned to do in the afternoon and told them that I need to run at the beach front that afternoon as we will be only staying overnight and that early morning run will be too cold and the temperature then was at 20C and very inviting.

At about 4:11pm I was on my Pismo Beach Run. I told myself to just go as far as I can and head back. The sound of the water and the view along the coast run was more than enough to let me forget the time. Little did I know I was already 5.5km from where I started and there was still endless beach coast in front of me. It was then that I decided to head back to the hotel. As always, words will not be enough to do justice to the beauty of the place. Instead, I wish to share herewith pictures that I have taken during my beach run.

The Pismo Beach Run was also my final preparation for the San Diego Half Marathon which I was to participate on 06Jun10.


  1. Amado --- Is there a bike lane along the seashore or you have to run on the wet sand?
    Pismo Beach is well known for ATV racing and clamming.

    Nice pictures.

  2. Dear Arthur- There is no bike lane along the seashore. What I did was run on the wet sand so that your foot does not sink in the sand.

  3. what a beautiful place! the place had been maintained with its clean, pristine and original environment because of strict implementation of laws. compare this place with our boracay beach and you know what i mean. nice pictures & post.