Monday, September 27, 2010

Camsur Marathon 2010 - My Personal Experience

Camsur Marathon 2010 is now history. September 26th 2010 was a big day in Camarines Sur. The local government and organizer made sure that no stones were left unturned that the day shall be a great success.  The result… was what was expected… a great success!

I have in the past written that any project, event, program that is envisioned locally cannot be a success without the support of the local government. Camsur Marathon 2010 had not only the support of provincial and city government, but, it has the full support of ordinary and well meaning people of Naga City. To you guys, there will only be but one direction and that is for the prosperity of Naga City. Congratulations!

The event generated 17400 registered runners. Majority of the number of participants are from Naga City. I asked the local people and they said that most were “requested and/or required” to participate either from local government offices, schools, private companies. It is not “hakot” as what we normally associate with, as these participants are “registered paying participants” and not “paid participants” (big difference in meaning). I was surprise that some people I have talked even said that those that were short of registration fee were provided by cash advances on salary deduction just to participate. However, these same people were unified and one in saying that they need to contribute their own share of sacrifice and input for the benefit of the province and local government itself. This is what I call a noble gesture of the local people of Naga as all efforts need to come from all direction. One local taxi driver justified the action based on their local experience that the people of Naga will eventually be the recipient of blessings. He made example of the tourism/job that has been generated by the “Ironman”, CWC , and now the “Camsur Marathon” should the latter be a success as the former. They already have a working model to pattern their efforts.

On my personal experience in my participation in the 21K run, The Camsur Marathon 2010 will be something to remember personally for so many reasons namely-

  • -       registered and got my race family race bibs/dtag as early June only to misplace all items. Thanks to Coach Rio and Jon Teves was lucky to obtain replacement bibs/dtags although costing me a sum. I now can confirm my memory weakness.

  • -       First time to travel by Bus, eight hours travel time. Found out that we have quality and comfortable buses that service the road. Got over my scare to commute by provincial buses in view of recent news accidents. The aircon was so cold and the lazyboy chairs were relaxing. There was even a CR onboard. The cost was reasonable P980/person.

  • -       It was a family fun event. A short vacation with my wife HERMIE, son DAX, daughter in law PAMELA and youngest son DENNIS. (Sorry for Dawn/Alex who are in Moreno Valley Ca.)

  • -       After so many cancelled/no show my wife HERMIE did her first 5km run. A milestone in the family if you know the efforts that has been made in the past to no success.

  • -       My daughter in-law PAMELA registered her 21k PR of 02h31m (unofficial) Hopefully my son gets to improve he is still on the 5k level.

  • -       My most unforgettable experience was my participation in the 21k. My time was one of my worst 3h00m19s (unofficial) but it was the cheers and the applause that I have received during the event that will keep me smiling on my own. The first 4k I was on my running mode but after that I shifted to my race walking mode. Race walking is already pretty strange to most, but, the barrios that we passed by on the 21k route in Naga were so amazed on the movements of race walking that I was like a celebrity being given applause and high fives that I could not barely respond. I had even other runners with me enjoying the cheers and applause.  Dave McGovern an authority in racewalking once wrote to me “ Dear Amado – if racewalking is not popular in the Philippines it’s your job to make it so! By walking in the local races you are a visible ambassador of racewalking. Don’t be afraid to be vocal. Let people know about the health benefits of racewalking….”  In Camsur, I think I just did that and had five feedbacks from individuals wanting to learn and adapt the same.
  • -       The food and hotel MANSION SUITES at CWC was great the Presidential Suite was very cheap for P3000.00 after an upgrade. 

  • -       The tri-cycle drivers, taxi drivers, waiters, cooks, shuttle service drivers, receptionist and the people of Naga were friendly and always with a smile.

  • -       As in everything there is a DOWNSIDE… it was waking up so early during the race day at 2am for a shuttle pick-up at 3am with a gun time of 5am. I never had it so early like this, but, life in this world is not perfect.

Again, Congratulations to Coach Rio and his team, Governor Villafuerte, the local government of Naga City, the Police/Military, and most especially to the people of Naga.


  1. Congratulations, Amado and family! Nice documentation of your Camsur experienced. The bus ride must be very comfortable.

    Any update on the Condura event. I read on the that it will be held on Feb. 6. Take care.

  2. Dear Arthur - I am keeping track of the Condura 2011. If and when announcement for registration date will be posted, I shall inform you immediately. Do not worry, I will personally register you. People here will be shocked on how a 69 year old can really run!

  3. Congratulations Sir Amado. I would say you are indeed the amabassador of race walking in the Phils.
    Btw, I am a proud Bicolana and I regret foregoing this event. But I very am happy for our province is finally being noticed. I hope you can come back because there are a lot of other places to explore. The hydro hot/cold spring is very good place to go after the will help soothe the tired muscles.

  4. Dear Joy - Thank you for dropping by. Indeed I am happy that you are a proud Bicolana. There will be always another time to see the places you mentioned.. its in my bucket list!