Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ultra Oval - Closed 4:00am to 9:00am Until December 2010

To all early morning users of ULTRA Oval Track, the management has declared the oval track CLOSED from 04:00am to 09:00am EVERYDAY from 09Aug10 to December 2010.
The oval track will be for the exclusive use of PATAFA athletes that will be training for the Asia Games.

This is a sad news for all early morning users (afternoon users is mostly RAINED OUT).
However, an alternative venue is as shown above. The route is making use of the access roads within the compounds of the DECS and PSC. Start at the ticket booth proceed east PSC Dorm area (ex-Brent) turn left at the Colombo Plan Bldgs. and proceed to the way to entry gate of DECS passing the motor pool area, make a u-turn back to PSC gate, turn right along the outer perimeter of the oval track, turn right at entry gate of oval track and proceed until the back entry of the Ultra Stadium, make a u-turn back to the ticket booth area. 

a)   Hilly route good for stamina and endurance training.

b)     Well lighted and safe route on early morning compared to running on public  roads.

c)      It is FREE. The oval usage fee is P35.00 so you have a good saving with no parking fee.

a)    The road surface is UNEVEN you need to be very careful.

b)    Try to avoid the motor pool area of DECS as there are two dogs that will try to intimidate you. However, when daylight sets in the dogs no longer will try to run after you.

A single loop is 1.45km


  1. during the afternoon is it still open? do i have to purchase tickets in advance?

  2. The oval is open from 9am onward to 10pm except on holidays and on certain times that it has been leased for private usage. No need to buy ticket in advance, but you may want to always have a couple of tickets already at hand for convenience.

  3. I discovered that route by accident some time ago when PSC's tracks were packed with crowds, and it's a great route! Thank you for the notice Sir!

    - dhenz