Sunday, August 22, 2010

Have You Been To A RUNNING DATE?

With the increasing popularity of RUNNING to people of all ages, goals and motivation for each individual person is as varied as any under the sun. Others have embraced the sport for the physical challenge, others for medical reasons, others just for fun or the pure love and pleasure of the joy in running and the social friendship that it brings.

However, a very unique and impressive purpose or motivation that I have observed during the races that I have participated at is RUNNING DATE. We are pretty much aware of “Blind Date”, “Lunch Date”,  “Dinner Date, or whatever kind of usual DATE there are between two people in love or two people in the process of getting to know each other with the ultimate driven purpose of LOVE.

Yes, people of all ages have been having RUNNING DATES wherein a guy and gal instead of going to the usual date venues they have now embraced RUNNING DATE. For me this is great and wonderful, its not only healthy but you have the full attention of your partner for at least one and a half hour to a full two hours for a 10K event.

Today during the MILES FOR SMILES, I had a very close encounter of such date. I was entered in the 16k event and upon reaching the 15K mark I came close to two very loving young couple who were entered on the 10K event and were by then on their 9K mark. It was a sight to behold that I could not help but take a picture of the couple. As I was on my race walking mode then, they went passed by me only for me to meet up with them 300 meters to the finishing line. It was then that I decided to approach both couple and show them the picture I have taken and commented that they are a sweet couple. They had the same sweet smiles to acknowledge my comment. I then informed them that I shall blog on them of their “sweetness” which has gotten a much bigger smile from both. As it was still a race event for me, I then overtook them and left the couple in their sweet time to cross the finish line. I did not have the time to ask their names, but, when IN LOVE you need no identity as we were either once in the same road, now on the same road, or had been always in the same road.

The Miles For Smiles Event today was a successful event, it was well organized and handled. My congratulations to the event organizers and sponsors. I shall not go in detail of how the event was handled, instead just provide a mark of 8.5 out of 10. My only minor comment is that the 16k distance just recorded a 15.5K in my Garmin 405. It was a great morning having completed the distance in 01h55m44s.

With what I have observed the event was really MILES For SMILES. It is great to be IN LOVE!


  1. That's a classic picture! However, one of the written/unwritten rules of running is not to run/walk abreast for safety reason..... but of course, LOVE rules.

  2. Running have also strengthen relationships between husbands and wives. More couple have been into running as thier bonding moments... It's great to run with your only love! Good day sir!

  3. @Arthur - As you said LOVE rules!

    @Bro J - Its for all ages! Yes I've seen and know personally of married couples having great fun in running together.